Upgrading my Mark Levinson 38s to 380s Opinions please

I have the Mark Levinson 38s preamp. I heard alot of great stuff about the 380s. Would it really be worth to upgrade to the 380s? I only listen to cds. Dont need a phono stage. My system currently consists of a Krell FPB 600 amp , Mark Levinson 38s preamp, B&W Matrix 800s quad wired.  Krell B&W BAFs. Bass Alignment filters (2) balanced. Krell KPS 20i, Rega Saturn r cd player w/ Rega reference power cord. Straightwire Crescendo speaker cables .Straightwire interconnects XLR and RCA. Please give me your opinions preferable by people who had the 38s who upgraded to the 380s. Thanks to all who reply. 
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