upgrading my integrated amp

I'm looking to replace my Rega Mira 2000 and make a jump up at the same time. My current system is the Mira amp a Rega Apollo and Totem Sttaf speakers using PNF interconnects and biwire speaker cable. My room is approx. 12' wide, 16' long, 8' high. This would be the first step in some other planned upgrades ie. a dac and upgraded cables.

Amps that have caught my interest

Rogue Audio Cronos or Metis/Atlas Magnum combo
Unison Research Primo or Secondo
Rega Elicit
Blue Circle GDC or DAR

I'd appreciate any comments or thoughts from owners or people who have had experience with any of the mentioned
It seems a bit obvious but "What's your budget?"
I would upgrade to Hawks and maybe get an NAD integrated...net reults may be better all around.
(1) Rega Elicit will pleasantly surpise you (choice based on a modest budget increase)

(2) if so, then you may also consider upgrading to the REGA Couple ICs and REGA Quattro Pro biwire speaker cables: there is a certain REGA symmetry when inserted in a REGA kit. I use them in my B-system and they acquited thermselves VERY WELL in my A-system on a trial basis (REGA OSIRIS integrated, REGA ISIS Valve cdp, REGA R9 speakers ) until I moved up the food chain significantly $$-wise to all NORDOST FREY cables kit.

(3)Ditto for the REGA power chord:

REGA cables they are all made by KLOSS in Germany to REGAspecs and are Goliath killers in terms of performance to price.
Viridian my budget is 2000 to 3000 and I could stretch that to 3500.

Dave I've never heard that combo personally but my research is telling me NAD and Totem aren't really an ideal match for each other.

Rogue Audio is really sparking my interest.
Stick with your gut. The Rogue Cronus Magnum ships with KT120's now I believe. If you live near Rochester ny let me know and you can find out for yourself.
Thanks Don,but I'm a frost bitten Canadian boy though. Actually considering making an offer on a used Tempest. I'm alittle confused though the ad states it to be a, Rogue Tempest 3 (Super Magnum) Integrated Amplifier:, yet I haven't seen that upgrade or model designation on Rogue web site.

Don do you own Rogue gear?
Right now I got to admit to leaning towards Rogue Audio but have not dismissed the Elicit just yet. I do like the Rega house sound, its just that tubes have fascinated me for sometime now.
I must admit at one point I was considering an all Rega kit, Elicit, Saturn, RS5's and a turntable.

thanks for your input Akg.
Yes. I own the Cronus Magnum. I'm wondering if this super upgrade refers to the kt120's. I called Rogue to ask if I could do the kt120 upgrade with my Magnum and they said yes. Everything is in place except the tubes obviously and I need a new top with larger knock outs to accommodate the larger tubes. All in all not a huge expense.

If you're in Ontario by chance let me know. I visit Toronto, Kingston and head to Montreal for the jazz festival every June.
Im on the other side of the country. Im curious what your system is with the Cronos , and any tips or suggestions.

Ive asked for serial numbers from the unit Im considering. Hoping that Rogue could provide me with some info on the unit.Are they the kind of company to respond to such requests?
Look into Hegel h-100 or h-200.