Upgrading my amplifiers.Help?

Hi everyone. I just recently acquired a new pair of Evolution Acoustics MMMicro One and they are great. However I feel that my current set up is not up to scratch in bringing the best out of these speakers. I am running an NAD M51 direct into a pair of Virtue Audio 5001s with the Tube Buffers. The main issue with this is that I find the sound too lean overall. I need a bit of warmth in my system.

So now I have several options on amplifiers, being the Gryphon Audio Callisto 2200 and the AVM 3.2 or 5.2T inegrated amps, or I could go with power amps being the BAT VK220 and the Sim Audio Moon 330A.

I have also been offered another option of placing a Modwright 36.5 in between my NAD and Virtue Audio to smoothen the sound a little.

So what's the best option for me for around the 5000USD mark?

Keep in mind I am based in Australia though.

I am a AVM AUDIO DEALER and I can tell you that these are wonderful units.. another option would be going with the new AVM d-class mono's MA3.2. These will totally impress you with their dynamics, bottom end controll, and tube like sound.
Hegel H300 might be worth consideration as well.
Since you are in Australia, maybe audition a Redgum amp.
I have a AVM 5.2T and I have to say it is the best sounding amp I have ever owned.Very 3D,huge soundstage nice punchy bass and very detailed warm mids and highs.And more than enough power to drive those speakers.