Upgrading Klipsch La Scala crossovers

Am considering a vintage pair and know that "everybody" goes to custom xovers and/or wire. Where do I want to look for these things? Who's making these xovers? A google turned up little.

I'm hoping there might be somebody in the Chicago area would who would be willing to come up to SE WI to install new xovers & wire if/when I get them. I would be comfortable doing it myself (I can solder), but probably more comfortable with a pro.
Go to klipsch forum website, Dean somebody does them.. DeanG, I think is the screen name, he is in ohio unless he moved..Its not that expensive to ship them, of course pulling the crossovers out of the cabinet. Do not use Hovland Capacitors in the crossover is my only advice!
Contact "DeanG" at the Klipsch forum. The Klipsch forum is a great place for Klipsch owners. His heritage custom xovers are the best.
oh and I think Vman, is the a guy's screen name here that does them, but not sure he does them from scratch or has the schematics for your speaker exactly.

And by the way I think DeanG does them from scratch on his own materials using any parts you decide in the price range you wish, and you will not Have to ship yours to him, he will give you direct plug and play replacements, so I was wrong on you having to ship your originals. Good luck

You are right, I do Klipsch xovers and other brands of speakers xovers. However, I haven't done any heritage Klipsch speakers because as long as DeanG is doing them, that's the cats meow.

Improving your speakers will take your system a LONG way. The internals of most speakers are super cheap since the consumer doesn't see it. Upgrading the parts on the xovers is also a fairly easy upgrade since you don't even have to ship your speakers to do it.

Let us know what you end up doing...

A word of warning on so called "upgrading" La Scala crossovers.

I've owned my La Scalas for well over 20 years and have tried the upgrades you've mentioned.

First I doubled the side walls and ran two by four pieces of rock maple along the outside edges to re-enforce the cabinets. This made a huge difference with bass output and quality.

I upgrated the tweeters with Bob Crites tweeters. These tweeters are far superior the the stock models and make a huge improvement.

Next, I replaced all the stock wiring with DH Labs hook-up wire. I was really surprised at just how much a difference just replacing the wire made, but it was huge.

Finally, and a word of warning, I tried a set of Dean's crossovers and found I didn't prefer the "Huge" difference these crossovers made.

IMHO, the stock crossover sound the best for these speakers.

I should also mention that I bought my La Scalas new and all their internal wiring and crossovers are/were in "as new" condition.

Assuming your crossovers are in good condition, I would leave them alone. If they need replacing, I would get a new set from Bob Crites, who designs his to sound identical to the stock units.

I also run Walker Audio's "High Definition Links" with these speakers, and find they work as advertised.

Thanks for all the replies. What I've learned is that Dean's 1st-order xover are most likely best for my needs which include the Welborne 45s at around 2W. The 1st-order network provides a very easy, constant-impedance load, and furthermore I tend to prefer 1st-order networks.

I'm picking up the speakers (made in '85) next weekend and will likely order a pair of these xovers before long.

Thanks again.
2 watts is not enoff your bass will be on the bloated side.
What're you basing that on, Josh? Experience or speculation?
If your refering to me I owned lascalas one of the best years 1967 alnico mags metal horns plus other klipsch etc, 2 watts will cause the bass to be muddy.But try if you like maybe it wont bother you.I tried many SETs with mine.2a3 300b did better but they seem to need more power than 1 would think.
Of course that is not what I want to hear right now... I thought 104dB with 1st-order networks would work quite well with 2W. You know those Welbornes have some serious iron and serious power supplies.

All I can do is try it & see. The LaScalas do not go low in the bass, of course, and I don't care for SPLs above the low 90s. I plan on sub augmentation. I'm still confident this will work quite well, but we'll see.

If you were using the stock networks that would have made quite a difference. The 1st-order networks present a much easier load.
Would the crossover upgrade improve the base on LaScala?
My friend has LaScala made in early 70s driven by 35wpc Dynaco tube amp. I told him about good things about the upgrade I've read here and from Klipsch forum, but he hasn't budged yet.

I am also thinking of upgrading KLF-20 xover. The only thing I don't like so far is that in a full range orchestral music, the strings and horns (i.e. the high treble) overpower the base. Sometimes, the female voice gets a bit too harsh on high volume. The base itself on KLF-20 is plenty, but gets overwhelmed by the horn driven trebles on some recordings.

The xover on the LaScala as well as the other xover upgrades with show themselves mainly in the highs and mids. The lows are improved but it's not as much as the highs and mids.

As far as the KLF-20's go, I can tell you from personal experience, having owned mine in stock form for 4+ years and now with upgraded xovers for 2 years, the KLF-20's are a much, much better speaker. Again, you notice it in the highs and mids. The highs will not be as harsh but rather smoother while still maintaining great extension. You will hear more clarity in the mids and they will be smoother and warmer.

You haven't heard Klipsch until you've upgraded the xovers.

I upgraded my lascalas in many ways.Tried 1st order others,inc active.Switched out tweeter for T900a fostex, woofers, and even mids,tried many types of damping etc, ended up reassembling to near stock and placing on audiogon.Fun speaker but too vintage sounding for me.As always YMMV
Greetings peeps

I have looked on the Klipsch site and it was hard finding anything but chat room chatter

I read specs on the La Scalla and the high end freq is 17k hz.

What kind of hi end can one expect after doing the mods to cabinet and crossovers using a triode dht like the coincedence dragons or a PP hurricane.

I have been looking at the La Scalla's as a high efficency replacement for my full frequency JBL 240Ti's.

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