upgrading JADIS JA-200, JPS2 and JPS3

any experience welcomed in terms of upgrading components (capacitors, resistors, internal wiring) even modifications of audio circuits!
The problem with upgrading components in a Jadis piece of equipment is that the company really designed a lot of its models around the component parts they use in them, particularly the older units. When you start to modify it, you can put in capacitors, resistors and the like that are "better", but the resulting sound won't necessarily be a Jadis. Many of the modifications done back in the 90s were like this; at least one of the regular posters on these forums had some mods in a used unit he purchased un-done because it was not the Jadis sound that he was looking for.

The only mods I made to my Jadis JP80 and JA80s were done by Andy Bouwman of Vintage Tube Services, back when Andy was doing his "Romantic Era Treatment" modifications (I don't think he does them anymore). These were the only mods I've heard to the equipment that managed to keep the Jadis "sound" intact--in fact, they probably made the sound even more luscious, grainless and natural. I also did have Andy put in some Audio Note silver oil capacitors as by-pass caps in the preamp, and some vintage oil capacitors in the amps; we liked the changes made by those (one listener remarked that my JA80s as so modified sounded as close to SETs as a push-pull design could).

So you can mod, but at your peril. I would go for capacitors like the Audio Notes if you want to try that, because Audio Note parts tend to be consistent with the Jadis sound. And you can always try some tube-rolling to change the sound of the units. If you want more detail, sheer transparency, dynamics and hi-fi thrills, though, I'd suggest using a different brand of components entirely.
I own a DA60 integrated from Jadis. I think it has been in production for the longest time any piece of High End Has been. There is a reason for keeping alive. It sounds like everything you could want and expect (IMHO) from a tube integrated.
I didn't find the careless mix of Sovtek EL 34s it caqme with to my liking. I found the KT-88s by New Sensor called Gold Lion much better. It is difficult or so I hear to argue with the autobias. I rolled the other tubes for added fun that is it.
I heard a modded Jadis and it was horrible. Don't touch it.
Thanks for your answers,
One question for Rcprince:
Could you develop the mods done by Andy, is it only a change of condensators?
Also, where do you place the audio note silver oil caps? Do you replace them all or just you change a few of them?
Which different kinds of condensators exist in the preamps (JPS 2 and JPS 3) and amp (JA 200)? I think there is also caps for the external power supplies
Andy's principal changes were in using vintage resistors throughout the units in place of the stock resistors. He did not change any capacitors, except in the amps (where he put in a couple of vintage oil caps), and I'm not sure where they were used there. The AN bypass caps, as I recall, came just before and after the attenuators in the preamp; only a few were used, in areas that Andy (a) could fit them--they're large--and (b) felt they would make the most difference. Jadis used to use their own caps in the preamps (they were black) till the early 90s, then they switched to Phillips caps (blue), which were reputed to be a little more transparent.
.. I agree with Rcprince. IMO, Simply dont do it,if not satisfied with the Jadis sound sell .You mess with it and your sound as well as the resale value goes south real quick ..**Jadis owner since 1995**
Jadis models last for many years - your JA-200 was introduced more than 20 years ago and the circuit dates from the 60's - I have the schematic of the original Loyez amplifier in a Millerioux application note from 1966. The type of capacitors changed during its life.
Using better electrolytic capacitors will surely improve the performance of your units, but the choice of signal capacitors are less obvious - they will sound different but it is very difficult to foresee what will be the effect in your system.
Some people I know and respect enjoy putting V-caps in Jadis and claim a much better performance, but I never compared them with standard units. Also, most high quality capacitors need 200-400 hours burn in time before they reach a stable sound, making decisions less clear.
How old are your units?
Thegreathunter007 ..Do your self a favor and call Brooks Berdan in Monrovia CA.He is Jadis as they say!!.Ask him what happens when you replace something as simple as caps with non original Jadis..
Hi Microstrip, my units date from before I purchased them in 1994... at this time there was not even a protection fuse! I use old Kimber KCTG interconnects and a Kimber black pearl speaker cable with maggies 3.5 (sorry, I went to Africa eight years and did not follow technological innovations>>>joke)
Even Jadis folks evolve, for their new anniversary version of the 80 family they changed a few things, including capacitors (they look yellow...)...
Would be interesting to know which of these upgrades can be applied to the other models!
I have read modification examples published on the net:
concerning preamps (example given of JP-80) and power amps (example given on golden tube 300B amp) and would like to know what you think about applicability to jadis equipments, in particular JA-200, JPS 2 and JPS 3 and if somebody tried anything suggested on this site for mods
Since the JPS2 is essentially the line stage of the JP80 (not sure how the extra tube for the CD input fits in, though, if you have it in your preamp), Arthur's mods for the JP80 should be applicable for that unit, though I'd want a qualified technician to confirm that. If your hearing and listening biases are similar to Arthur's, you might like the difference.

What is the JPS3? Is that a standalone phono stage? Never saw it here in the states.
Hi Rcprince,
The JPS3 is a two blok phono stage with an external psu, looks physically like the JPS2.
When you change coupling capacitors, what is your favorite brand, I understand Audio note, copper but did you try the silver and other hi-end capacitors like mundorf, ?
I thought that was what it was. Interesting, you have as many chassis to deal with as I do with my JP200MC! And I don't even use the phono stage in the Jadis, unless my outboard phono stage I have is out for updates.

I have gone without mods to my JP200 (it's already a very rare unit, as it is one of only a few that uses EF86 tubes rather than 12AX7s), and I already mentioned earlier the mods I made to my old JP80 and JA 80s. I liked the Audio Notes because they were extremely liquid and grainless, similar to their better equipment, but they might not be your cup of tea. Perhaps there is someone else on these forums who has tried some of Salvatore's mods?