Upgrading integrated...Vinnie Rossi Lio, Primaluna Dialogue, Used Moon?

Hi Everyone,

Noodling a new integrated.  Currently I have Monitor Audio Gold 200s, a Primaluna Prologue Premium, Rega Planar 3 w/ Ortofon Blue, and Bluesound streamer/DAC.  I'm not an "audiophile" and while I appreciate all the lingo, enjoy-ability and musicality are high on the list, along with reliability. 

Also, a pair of LS50s might get some airtime on this system, and eventually tempted to get a high end pair of bookshelves, like KEF Reference 1, Salk Veracity HT-1, or something Sonus Faber. 

Lastly, I listen to a wide range of music, including hip-hop, rock, classical, and jazz.  The room is also somewhat glassy :/.

Thanks and cheers!      
Yamaha A-S2100. It will pair very well these speakers and power all of them with ease. Solid state bass and dynamics with tube-like bloom.
@helomech Yamaha definitely has its following. Have you heard Rotel RA-1570 or older Rotel RX-1052? Both sounded great with B&W 704s that are laying around, but made the MA Gold 200s sound too clinical.

Perhaps overgeneralizing but the somewhat similar genealogy with Yamaha makes me wonder...and speaking of Japan, ATC19s are also a tempting offering.
Primaluna DiaLogue Premium HP would do well with your current set up. Vinnie Rossi's LIO would be a consideration. You can give Vinnie a call to learn more about his product and if it would work well with your needs.  Vinnie has very good customer service and is always available to talk.
I don't believe Rotel has similar genealogy to Yamaha. I've heard some Rotel amps, (can't remember the exact model) and they didn't sound like Yamahas. The Yammies have a somewhat unique way of being very clear and dynamic without being clinical or fatiguing. 

I'd personally stay away from Ribbon and AMT tweeters with a "glassy" room. Might be best to stick with tubes considering your other gear is somewhat forward and bright IMO.