Upgrading integrated amp from SET integrated?

Thinking about changing speaker/integrated amp in the bedroom system. Had the same system for the last 3 years. It's about time to experiement a little. What would you suggest? Budget for both is around $3-5k buyin on Audiogon.

Speaker Consideration:
Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE or 25
Proac 1SC
Sonus Faber Electa Amator or something newer
Anything else?

Amp consideration:
Pathos Classic Mk2 or Mk3
DK Design
Rowland Concentra
Marantz PM11-S1
Anything else?

Want to achieve:
1) Must have a remote (I am lazy)
2) Slightly more power than 22wpc so have more choices in speakers.
3) Clear souding without being overly bright
4) Less tubes (hybrid design is ok.)

Dared VP-845 Integrated w/ Synania GTA 6SN7 and GT 12AX7M
Coincident Triumphs UHS speaker. 93dB.
Cal Audio Alpha DAC
Sony DVD player as transport (also go to the LCD TV)

Master bedroom. around 15x18 cathedral ceiling
Speaker Only have 1 ft from rear wall

30% Jazz
40% Jazz vocal
15% Pop/rock
15% Classical
It's a damn shame that Joe Abrams doesn't make a version of his Portal Panache with a remote since so many people seem to want that. Otherwise I'd put that on your short list of amps. Definitely add the Unison Unico to that list which does have a beautiful remote and sound that reflects that beauty. Or for a real change, go with an all-tube system since you like Jazz and Jazz vocals. In that case I might go with separates like Quicksilver Mini Mites with one of their preamps, or perhaps a Cary pre. I'm not familiar with your speakers or how they sound, so I don't know if what I might suggest would be a departure. I like Silverline monitors, specifically the SR17. There was a pair on the 'Gon recently with some minor cosmetic damage that was priced at an outright steal. Don't know if they're still up. Another speaker that intrigues me in the same vein, though I can't say I've heard a pair, is the Reference 3A DeCapo which has garnered universal acclaim.

i would suggest the folling integrateds and speakers...all work well in any combination. IA....cyrus 6, revox ellegance, creek 5250,......SPEAKERS...proac studio 100, gradient prelude, totem one, and yes if you can find them the sonus faber

Sounds like all you are missing is a pair of Druid Mk4 speakers 101db. -Perfect match with the 845.and can be put close to a wall.

For front end if you must change - great bluebook: Nad M55 dvd/audio/video/sacd/cd

And all under 5K