Upgrading integrated amp for Vienna Acoustics Baby Grands

First time posting here so please be gentle :-)

I currently have a Peachtree Audio Decco 65 driving Vienna Acoustics Baby Grands (that I got a killer deal on).

I'm just looking for more. I'm sure the VA's can sound fuller, better, punchier, richer, brighter.... I mean don't get me wrong I love the setup... but then I discovered the Hegel H190. The bigger Hegel's are out of my budget (unless I can get a super cheap used one).
Would it really be that big of an upgrade to the H190? or maybe even the H90?
I would love to audition one in my space but not sure how that's possible here in San Diego.

Or would you advice on something different? Or maybe I am good enough for a while still.

Thanks for the help!

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The Hegel 120 is closer to the 190 than the 90 is & would be a significant upgrade over the Decco but a Push Pull KT88 tube integrated amplifier would be an even greater upgrade for the same $...Before you spend,read up on tube amps from Cayin,Jolida,Rogue Audio & Prima Luna to name a few..As long as the room isn't huge 40wpc.KT88 will bring those speakers to life..