Upgrading integrated amp for Vienna Acoustics Baby Grands

First time posting here so please be gentle :-)

I currently have a Peachtree Audio Decco 65 driving Vienna Acoustics Baby Grands (that I got a killer deal on).

I'm just looking for more. I'm sure the VA's can sound fuller, better, punchier, richer, brighter.... I mean don't get me wrong I love the setup... but then I discovered the Hegel H190. The bigger Hegel's are out of my budget (unless I can get a super cheap used one).
Would it really be that big of an upgrade to the H190? or maybe even the H90?
I would love to audition one in my space but not sure how that's possible here in San Diego.

Or would you advice on something different? Or maybe I am good enough for a while still.

Thanks for the help!
The Hegel 120 is closer to the 190 than the 90 is & would be a significant upgrade over the Decco but a Push Pull KT88 tube integrated amplifier would be an even greater upgrade for the same $...Before you spend,read up on tube amps from Cayin,Jolida,Rogue Audio & Prima Luna to name a few..As long as the room isn't huge 40wpc.KT88 will bring those speakers to life..

The Baby Grands are a great speaker.  I've listened extensively to them and they are one of my favorites.

How big a room are you operating in?  A tube amp with some current will doubtless work, but the Vienna sound is already fairly forgiving, so SS is also fine.

Some people really like the Hegel, but there are lots of options.  Budget?

Some names to look up: Belles Aria, Sim Audio Moon, Parasound.

thanks for the input!
the room is about 14x40. System is at one of the short ends. It will also eventually be the stereo component of a home theatre system with a home theatre bypass/pass through. Thinking of getting the matching VA center speaker to go with it eventually. 
Since we got the speakers at such a good price I could see spending $2500-$4000 tops. Preferably on the lower end but I don’t wanna feel like I’m missing out but need to leave some budget for other parts of the home theatre system. 
I will eventually build a pair of sealed subs for the home theatre. At least 3.1(2?) probably 5.1(2?).2
also would love advice on a solid theatre amp for this kind of setup. 
The Belles does have a pre-amp bypass, but if you're really seriously thinking HT, probably look at Anthem.
I don’t agree with the tubes better ,the Hegel much more accurate 
and night and day better with Bass damping factor 2000 that's excellent