Upgrading IEC Inlet advice

I am thinking about upgrading the IEC inlets of my various components (Luxman d-06 cdp, Accustic Arts Power 1 int amp, PS Audio P3 ac regenerator) and was hoping I could hear from folks who have done this upgrade. What things should I consider, what things should I watch out for, etc. I highly doubt it is a simple drop in replacement as it seems there is no standard IEC inlet size. This would mean that I may have to take a Dremel to my components if the IEC cutout needs to opened up a bit.

Anyway, any advice is appreciated.
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Regular 15A and 20A IEC inlets (no fuseholder) fit in the same size opening. An exception is probably the Furutech FI-10, which requires some chassis modification.

I have modified my Krell monoblocks to have a detachable AC cord and installed an IEC inlet. I have purchased the Furutech FI 33 Rhodium inlet. I measured the exact contour of the Inlet by using a micrometer. I used a very smal drill bit to draw the countour of the inlet and finished the job using a series of files.

Take your time and you will be happy with the final results.
You may want to try the Furutech rhodium IEC inlets -- for a pleasant surprise. This also goes for the Furutech GTX-D rhodium duplex receptacles.
What do you hope to achieve by replacing the IEC's?
Sorry just curious.