Upgrading Home Theater speakers. Need some help.

Upgrading Home Theater speakers. The room is 12x22 carpeting and a small amount of acoustical treatments. I watch 90% movies and 10% music. While searching the internet there seems to be a lot of home theaters using Pro audio speakers (JBL, Danley, JTR, Seaton sound ). Are these brands best for movie watching, or should I look at VMPS RM40, Tyler D2, or AV123 LS6. I live in Tampa and I can’t seem to audition any of these brands. My budget is 5000 to 7000 including center channel.
Equipment used
Anthem AMV 50
Anthem MCA 5
2 SVS PC 12-Plus Subwoofers
110 inch projection screen

Thank you for any opinions or suggestions.

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I have the Definitive Technology BP7000SC's with 4 BPVX's surrounds with a 3000 center channel. They are very well matched. I paid $8500 for the set. Sounds great for HT and great for two channel. The 7000's have a 14 inch supercube sub built in with a 1800 watt amp. Give them a listen.