Upgrading Home Theater speakers. Need some help.

Upgrading Home Theater speakers. The room is 12x22 carpeting and a small amount of acoustical treatments. I watch 90% movies and 10% music. While searching the internet there seems to be a lot of home theaters using Pro audio speakers (JBL, Danley, JTR, Seaton sound ). Are these brands best for movie watching, or should I look at VMPS RM40, Tyler D2, or AV123 LS6. I live in Tampa and I can’t seem to audition any of these brands. My budget is 5000 to 7000 including center channel.
Equipment used
Anthem AMV 50
Anthem MCA 5
2 SVS PC 12-Plus Subwoofers
110 inch projection screen

Thank you for any opinions or suggestions.
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You should considered Definitive Technology BP7000 or BP2000 series, or even the Mythos ST series. They're well within your budget. I have the BP7002 with 12-inch built-in sub for main, CLR3000 with 10-inch built-in sub for center and the Mythos 1 for surrounds. They sound incredibly good, but with a catch. They're not all that good for Music, very booming and little details. If you're like me, want to go a little extreme, change all those removable fuses in them with Hi-Fi tuning gold series, then just sit back and enjoyed.
Perhaps you could consider the MK 150thx system (formerly Miller & Kreisel). See www.mksoundsystem.com

My home theater system is comprised of S100Bs and S85s. Aside from being a satisfied customer, I have no affiliation with M&K or MKSound.
You should definately explore the pro audio options that you have read about. I also like what I have read about Danley, JTR & Seaton. Their speakers can be used in movie theaters and concert halls, while the others mentioned, though very good, could not do that. Danleys speakers are used in IMAX theaters. The JTR triple 12LF's are in your price range for a full surround set. I would like to hear them myself.
I have the Definitive Technology BP7000SC's with 4 BPVX's surrounds with a 3000 center channel. They are very well matched. I paid $8500 for the set. Sounds great for HT and great for two channel. The 7000's have a 14 inch supercube sub built in with a 1800 watt amp. Give them a listen.