Upgrading Hegel H160

The Hegel H160 integrated has been discontinued. 
I’m wondering if there have been significant upgrades to the dac, headphone stage, or topology in similar but current models like the H120 or the H190?
If anyone has the lowdown on why the H160 was discontinued I’d appreciate your perspective.
you should read reviews, and press info, for the hegel h120/190

major improvement to the dac sections, amp sections largely carried over
Largely to cause the kind of questions that you're asking here.  If a model isn't mature, then a manufacturer shouldn't bring it to market.  And if it is mature, it should stand the test of time for at least several years.

you miss the point, too cynical

the last gen models are 5+ years old... dac technology changes, streaming has become so much more popular, so dac updates are reasonable progress and progression in a product that bundles dac with amp...

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