Upgrading from Verity Sarastro I to II

Hello my friends,

I own the Sarastro I for the past 1.5 year and I couldnt be more satisfied. Lately I have been thinking of upgrading to Sarastro II. That includes a new tweeter, new internal wiring and a new crossover from mids to the tweeter.

I would be very interested to hear experiences from people that have upgraded their Sarastro (or Lohengrin)!

I am also a bit afraid that sth might go wrong, don't know how much I can trust my dealer's technician.

Thanks in advance,

I own the Sarastro I for the past 1.5 year and I couldnt be more satisfied.


Sounds like you should leave well enough alone and just remain happy. Buy more music with the money you save.

John is this your personal preference, or just a general remark? :)

I do not think it is THAT expensive to make the upgrade sth like 3000$ I think.

What makes me wonder is the fact that measurements of I & II are identical in Stereophile, my tweeter (Sarastro I) is considered much better than the one produced by Verity (Sarastro II) and the fact that when I listen to Sarastro II (in different setups though) I can't notice anything that makes them sound that different!

Maybe Verity changed the tweeters to cut down cost?

I am really really curious to hear opinions from people that upgraded their own speakers as I do not think the differences are that big to notice in setups that are not familiar...

Thanks again!
Mike, sorry, that was just a general remark. From reading your post I just thought that you sounded very happy with the Sarastro I's and leery that newer may not be better. As a audiophile for over 30 years I know very well that newer is not always better. One of the greatest lessons along the way is when to leave well enough alone. I can't tell you how many times I was very happy with the sound of my system only to screw it up.

FWIW, I'm using a pair of Verity Parsifal Encore's and love 'em.

Hi John, no probem at all my friend, all opinions welcome here...:)

You are right, about destroying good sound. As I matter of fact I am only 29 years old, I have been in this hobby since I was 20. And I alweays have in mind what you said (When you reach Nirvana watch out, so that you dont lose it)...And I think I have reached it. You are right, noone can be sure that I will have a better result by changing the tweeter, I am just very curious about the result...

Happy Listening,


As you point out, there are many reasons why Verity might've needed to come up with a version 2, and it isn't necessarily down to sound. Could be it was cheaper, could be some element was discontinued, etc...

So tread carefully, especially if you're happy now. If anything, you should talk to Verity first.

The upgrade is more then $3000. I believe it's $6000 and no i wouldn't do it. The only reason why they came out with series II is because Raven stop producing that tweeter used in series I. They were forced to change the speaker. Now Verity makes the tweeter. Notice the only speakers in there line up that are series II are the ribbon tweeters speakers. Spend your money elsewhere, the series II is not an upgrade.
Mtdking thats the sort of answer I was waiting for! ;)

Thanks a lot guys!

Greetings from Greece,

Don't buy the upgrade just buy the model speakers. Then sent your current mkI Sarastro to me. I will bake you a cake.
LOL!! Don't listen to Mordante Mike, I would bake you a dozen cakes for your Sarastro's!!!!
I'll see your cake and raise you grandma's baklava!