Upgrading from Tyler Ref Monitors

Well I built my first system about a year ago and am happy with the setup...the only problem is a slight lack of bass (which I dont miss all that much) Rather than invest in a sub, I figured I'd just upgrade to a set of speakers that has a bit more bass

My current setup is:
Tyler Ref Monitors
Rogue Magnum 88/99 amp/pre
CAL CL25 cd player
am using JPS ultra interconnects
signal cable biwire shotguns speaker cable

I'm looking at used speakers <3$K used
preferrably with a small footprint
nothing that looks like it belongs on star-trek!

What have people upgraded to from the Tyler Ref's?
I'm sure the Linbrooks are great, and I know how loyal Tyler customers are...I'm considering these already so no need to chime in on this one.

My short list so far includes:
Dynaudio Contour 3.0
Dynaudio Contour 3.3
Merlin VSM w/ BAM
SF Extrema
SF Guarneri
Avalon Avatar
Audio Physics Virgo III

anything else that I really should add?

My listening room is roughly 16x16, but I move every year or two (joy of consulting)
I listen to: Fleetwood Mac, Sting, Peter Paul and Mary, Santana, U2, Greatful Dead, Waylan Jennings, Rusted Root, Dave Mathews, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, etc...

ps, I'm not a fan of planar speakers
I own the Linbrooks and they are outstanding. The Avalons you have listed are in another class and I would love to own these. However I am completely happy with the Linbrooks and would rather spend my money on music than different speakers.
I think the Virgo III would fit perfect here. Not sure if you've had a chance to hear them or not, but they are pretty sweet. To keep it in your price range you might want to look at a used pair of Virgo II's.
I also own the Linbrooks. VERY happy. My bedroom system is solid state Forte 4a's vertcally biamped to a pair of Von Schweikert VR2's. Incredible bass from such a slim floorstander. No need for a sub here. Paul Garner at "VSACENTRAL" is great to deal with. National sales manager of VSA. He is located in Memphis. Phone # is listed on VSA website. Tell him I sent you. Always available. Goes out of his way to make sure you are satisfied. Call him. 30 days to try them out. What have you got to loose????
Mike of Little Rock
Thanks but I'm gonna be buying used... (and all I'd have to lose would be shipping +restock fees which add up real fast)
I was happy owner of Tyler Refs. And think Ty offers superb products and customer service.

I went with Meadowlark Osprey ( used ). Painted them black for highest WAF. Great sound. Also, have found the lower bottom end of the Osprey makes for more involving listening. Not the pinpoint imaging of the Virgo III but I'm a believer in the Pat McGinty's use of time coherence design and first order crossovers to produce his musical speakers.

Just my $.02

- Ken
Merlin and SF's are out of your range even used.
Dyaudio is probably close to $3K used but it is a changllage to your amp.
I don't know Avalon's used price.
So I agree: Virgo II
Add Totem Mani-2 or SF Electra Amatar, used, to the list.