Upgrading from Thiel CS3.6 to Avalon

I'm considering upgrading my 20yr-old Thiel CS3.6 to Avalon Opus or Eidolon. Do you guys think it worth the upgrade? My listening room is measuring 17(W)x13(L)x8(H) ft.(speakers along the long wall) Which one(Opus or Eidolon) makes a better choice?
BTW, my other components: Esoteric K-05, Gryphon Diablo, audience Au24e XLR and cables.
Do you mean the Avalon Acoustics Compass?

I have a pair of Eidolons and they may very well be my last speaker. I never liked their presentation in stores or at shows. When I brought a pair into the house it was like hearing them for the first time.

I've heard a couple of different views (gossip) regarding the Compass, its goals and target customer.

I'd suggest adding Vandersteen to your short list.
Hi, Hell yeah, I believe up grading to eanything Avalon speakers is good, all thiels are bright sounding speakers!, the only way to balance a great sound from them is to use a dark sounding well balanced speaker cable, if you use a cable that is revealing and well balance like most do on other speakers the cable will reveal the true nature of the thiel, do not get me wrong here, thiels are excellent speakers, you just need to know how to use them, most people would blame thier speaker cable, thats not it, I have run alot of test over the years with these great thiel speakers, you also have to do careful everything else matching with the thiels, once you get the set up you like, well the thiels sing like an angel!, The Avalons on the other hand are not difficult when it comes to matching cables and etc..., they will sing too!
I went from Thiel 3.6 to Avalon Radian HC about 15 years ago. Still have the Avalons if that answers your question.
I upgraded from Thiel 3.6 to Ascent ii then to eidolons then to diamond.
Didn't find the 3.6 bright at all. The 3.5 were crazy bright. 3.6s undrivable by anything due to that stupid radiator.
Get ready to switch to some real warm sounding front end.
A better upgrade would be a Thiel CS2.7 or CS3.7 loudspeaker.
Thiel and Avalon sound is 135' different so only you can decide if worth while change by comparing them.
you need a sub-woofer for cs2.7 or cs3.7, great speakers!, no bottom ommph!
17x13x8. I recommend
Opus ceramique and add subwoofer.
I have eidolons and diamonds in my small room
A headache to deal with room dampening.
I agree with the post above - 17x13x8 is a tad small for the Eidolons. Avalon Opus plus a well integrated sub would be great. I have previously owned Thiel 3.6's. Avalon's are world -class. Unfortunately Thiels are good, but not great. It will be a significant upgrade.
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