Upgrading from Thiel 2.7 to Sonus Faber or Focal???

Lately been contemplating moving on from my 2.7 to possibly Sonus Faber Olympica III, Focal Kanta 2/3, Sopra 2 or possibly a Magico A3.  I don't want a lateral move however, a warmer sound overall.  Preferably nothing too hard to drive matches well with Audio Research amp and would like more bass response I am getting from the 2.7. The choices I mention are not etched in stone so recommendations welcomed.  Buying used more than likely  :)

Amp is a Audio Research Ref 110 and a PrimaLuna EVO preamp. Source is a LUMIN T2 with S-Booster.  

Thank you in advance and please lets stick to the subject  :)
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I got them from Brent Jesse Audio Tubes They are the ones listed on his site for $115 Mullard 12AU7 long plate with Halo getter. They are warm, rich, and detailed. The stock PL tubes sound glassy for a lack of a better term.
@Prof....I doubt I will be able to keep the 2.7. The store I auditioned at gave me a very good trade in price if I choose to buy the Nova's from them. 

@rushfan...Looks like they are out of stock but have rebranded Mullards for $140  pair.  Do the front 2 tubes make the most difference? 
All 6 of the front tubes have an audible effect. The 2 center ones the most as the signal goes through them first.

The Mullard long plates I have are 1958 if that helps. Call Brent he's great
Thank you for the information.  I can handle the 2 fronts if the cabling doesn't take care of the issue.  The Mullards are great tubes but pricey these days as they are becoming scarce. 
I dont have first hand experience but in my research on rectifier tubes (Im currently using NOS Mullard 4 notch GZ34’s) I’ve found feedback that the Phillips 5R4GYS adds warmth to PL preamps.
They are taller though. The cage just touches the top of them but Kevin Deal says that’s how they run them and they are fine