upgrading from Spica TC60's to ??

I have had the TC60's for a long time, and the TC50's before that. I feel I need to upgrade under the assumption there have been some advancements over the last ten years. Other than that I love my speakers. My electronics are pretty good including a CJ 11A, 70watt amp. I have a small room and am considering a small/medium floor standing speaker. I would like to hear from someone who had these speakers and found something better, not just different.
You might try a pair of Spendors 7/1 small floorstander if you value accuracy above all else or a set of Vandersteen 2's which are available used at a good price.
I owned a pair of TC-50s, circa 1990. These are nice speakers. The 60's came out in and around 95 or 96, they are also nice speakers. I would like to make a recomendation, however, I was wondering if you could list all you equipment and room dementions. That way we could rule out whether for you to enjoy an increase in sonics you are not better off served by upgrading something else. The reason for the room size is to help with the speaker recomendation. Also, what is your budget.
OK. Pioneer 414 DVD player, MSB DAC, Audible Illusions L1, Janis W3 subwoofer with 60 watt amp,and crossover which I bypass, MIT T2 biwire and new shotgun interconnect. My room is only about 10 by 13'. The subwoofer gives me just a little help, but it is useful because I can adjust the base level on recordings that provide too much for my room. I am thinking of Proac 1.5, totem, Gershman (the floor standing one) or an Audio Physic model. I haven't heard any of these though. Except the Virgo (really nice sound) which is a bit $$$ and may need too much room for my room. I may be just emotionally attached, but I give the Spica's a lot of credit and I don't want to be disappointed on a future purchase.
I too owned a pair of TC50's and they were indeed great spks. I found a pair of used maggies(smg'a) that I thought were a definite upgrade but alas the low end didn't quite get it. You might want to listen to the meadowlark kestrals, there easy to place and sound great. My room is about the same size and I found that with them away from walls they do there magic well. Good luck
I don't know what your budget is but I have a pair of Spica Angelus up for sale here at Audiogon. They were Spicas top of the line floor standing speaker, and work great in a small to medium size room. I have them in a large room and have no compliants. If you are looking not to spend under $1000 I would be hard pressed to think of a better speaker. I love Spicas. If your are looking to spend around $1500. I would get the Maggie 1.6's. That's what I did. If your interested I would love to speak with you. My number is in my ad. Best of luck in your quest. Gary
Do nothing. The TC60s are not the greatest speaker on earth, but they're real good and a tremendous value. You could spend alot of money for a better speaker, but not necessarily get substantially better sound. I'm familiar with the Proac and the AP Virgo -- they are better speakers than the Spica. But who knows whether they will really sound better than the Spicas in your room with your setup. Upgrading is dangerous path and will not always lead to more musical satisfaction. Avoid it if you can.
I would caution the Maggie recommendation, you may not have enough room, but if you can get an at home audition go for it. Hell, if you can get an at home audition try any speaker. Your concern about not wanting to be disappointed is well made. The speakers you have suggested are a good starting point. I'm not too sure where to start. The combination you listed I'm not familar with. I'm familar with other items by said manufactures, but not those specific ones. Sorry! The proacs, audio physics, and totems are nice. You stated you were thinking about the proac 1.5's, what are the models of the other ones. I mean this half heartedly, but, keep the speakers and invest $1200 in a turntable combination. Of course, you would have to add a phonostage, but the fun you would have and the hours of musical enjoyment are worth it. Flame on! Sorry I couldn't help you more. P.S., I too upgrade, or changed, to Maggies from the Spica's, but, alas I like the full scale sound stage.
I have owned two pairs of TC50's, and modified the last pair like this: new better binding posts, cardas wiring, remove felt from front. I don't know about the TC60's but I've heard that the TC50's are actually better. Biggest drawback I think is the inablility to bi-wire the TC50's. My other system I use JPW 510's from England; these I think are better (tonal voicing, imaging, dynamics, bass) than the TC50's and are very inexpensive! I highly recommend the JPW 510s. Better than those are the Chario Academy 1's: these are really the best small speakers I've heard with the exception of the Ensemble Reference monitors ($4K)
I also went from TC-50's to TC-60's using a CJ mf2200 amp and MIT T2 biwires. My next upgrade was a pair of Martin Login Aerius (used). Fantastic upgrade, especially after I replaced the T2 with Kimber TC8. Good luck.
I still have a pair of my beloved TC50s. Great speakers but can definitely be improved upon. Try to get a pair of Kinergetics subwoofers (I had the BSC200) which will do wonders for the low end. The Edison Price binding posts are also a major improvement. I eventually upgraded to the Alon IIs but they cost 4 times as much as the TC60s.

It might be better to hold off selling your Spica until you've found a worth replacement.  I know it complicates the funding, but is a more conservative approach that won't leaving wishing you'd done something differently.  Good luck.

@joekras2785 , Forget Magneplanar. You do not have the right amp for them. What you do have the right amp for is the Klipsch RF7 III. These speakers are real sleepers. Their power and presence are remarkable at their price point and because they are designed to have controlled dispersion, room acoustics will be  less of a problem. Remember, the room is 1/2 of the loudspeaker. With these speakers it is 1/3rd. 

People tend to write Klipsch off because of their "AMF" years. They are now back in force with some great designs at prices people can afford. Paul would be very pleased.  

Owned TC 50s in the 90s, loved them.  Did surgery on the crossover by simply upgrading the caps and the wire.  They jumped considerably in performance,  I mean REALLY jumped.  

So you can keep them, upgrade them and continue to love them.  Otherwise, I'd consider a pair of ATC SCM 20s for a meaningful upgrade.  The ATCs can also be pushed much harder than the TC 60s which tended to have fragile tweeters.

Best of luck in your quest.

I actually know joekras2785, and he has raised adult children and is close to collecting social security since he originally posted this…