Upgrading from Sopra 3 to Maestro utopia iii what to expect?

Currently own Sopra 3 and getting ready to make the leap to the Maestro Utopia iii. I understand, from what I’ve read, there should be no comparison between the two? I would love to hear from some members who have heard both and what they think are the biggest differences between the two.
Cheers Mike
I  know this doesn’t answer your question. But I am curious how you like the Sopra’s.  I have been looking for new speakers for quite some time and really do like the Sopra 2 and considering them. What weaknesses and strengths did you find with the 3’s? 
Thank you in advance.

How big is your space.  Did you ever contemplate Stella? Sometimes you can get her great deal on them.
Stella’s are too big. Sopra’s are a great speaker. Replaced a pr of Revel salon 2 for them and they were definitely a upgrade. Always wanted to get a pr of utopia’s and the opportunity has arrived.
Thanks, I am replacing Revel Performa F32's and find them too bright. I realize the 3's will have more bass but what is you thought on the tweeter and midrange?
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I went from Sopra 3 to Scala EVO Utopias. Big upgrade in all areas but mostly in transparency.