Upgrading from Rega P5 TT

Looking to upgrade from a Rega P5.
Does it make sense to go from the P5 to the new P6.
Is this a latteral move?
Or do I have to go up the ladder to the P9 for better performance?
Hi, I am sure the p6 is better...but I come from the camp that you can't spend enough on the table/arm....if you can, I'd spring for best you can...
I don't think the P6 is an upgrade over the P5, not much of one, if any at all. It's a shame you weren't looking a couple of months back, when dealers were closing out the P7 line for around $1800 brand new. That was a nice step up over the P5 at a great price, but as far as I can tell, they are all sold now.
That leaves you with a P8 ($3000-$4000) or a P9 at $5000.
If you want a P7 there is a dealer in Colorado that has a demo listed at 1795.oo
here is the link

I am not a dealer just have done business here and have been very impressed with the owners TT knowledge.

Otherwise I would jump from a P5 to a P9 MusicDirect is closing them out at 4K

I think it really depends on how much of jump you want in performance. I do feel that the RP6 is a very, very good table at is price point. And you most likely would see some improvement. But, if you are looking for a significant jump in performance level, then your best bet may to be to look at the new RP8, or find a good deal on one of the remaining P9's that are around.
Damn! I can't believe that Rega is dropping the P9 too!

I see that Music Direct also has a demo P7 for sale at $1649 here. It looks like they also still have a B stock model for $1795 here and here.

I didn't see any P9's though.
Keep the P5 and add the metal aftermarket subplatter.
I own a P5 too.
And yes the P6 would be basically a lateral move.
Spending the money on the subplatter would be better.
Do you have the separate power supply? add that in too.
Go for a better cartridge..
A better phono box
I use a Benz Glider with my P5 ($1,200)
And a Bryston BP1.5 phono ($3,000)
So I would say from looking at your other gear, going to a better table is not going to do much, until you improve the phono box, and cart anyway...

I have the GT Subplatter, counterweight
power supply
GCPH phono
10x5 Dynavector cart.

Maybe I should upgrade my cart, budget would be $800-1200
sell the P5 and pop for the P7.

I want to thank everyone for their input.
Get away from Rega while you can. By the time you do all the upgrades (I've been there) you could have a new Well Tempered Simplex. I have an Amadeus and I hear the Simplex is almost as good. The Rega is not in the same universe, even with all the upgrades.
The P5 would be a lateral move, as others have said. Also, many people do not consider the P7 enough of an upgrade over the P5 to justify the price increase. Most say you need to step up to the P9 to significantly upgrade.
Whetstone audio in Austin, TX has a P9 for $3K. Brian is a great person to deal with.
The P9 is out of my price range. I think the best bet for me is to upgrade the cart.
Dynavector 20x2L or Sheltar 501MK
I listen to rock and on the other side of the fence Sinatra and Elvis.
So I need a cart that convey a wide spectrum of music.
12-21-12: Jfrech
Hi, I am sure the p6 is better...but I come from the camp that you can't spend enough on the table/arm....if you can, I'd spring for best you can...

I have to agree with Jfrech here. If the P9 is too much, the P7 is a definite upgrade, grab one while you can. I've been down that road of putting a better cartridge on a weaker table, it's just a waste of money IMHO. You would be better served just buying some new LP's with that extra money.
I have decided on getting the P7.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and input
Happy Holidays
Congrats! Let us know what you think of it after you've had a chance to listen.
does it have to be a rega?

The rega sound and easy set up is what I enjoy about them.
I don't like to fuss w/ a table, set up and play music.
If you don't want to fuss with a table, why not a VPI Classic 2? Just set the VTF and VTA and that's it. The benefits of an extra set-up step or two can be a significant step up in performance.
VPI Classic 2 $3500.00
Out of my price range

Rega P7 $1600.00 music direct
Wouldn't the P7 be a lateral move, since you have you have a P5 with the Groovetracer subplatter and counterweight? You already have the speedbox. The tonearm on the P7 is the RB700, which is the same on the P5.

I have a P5 with the suite of Groovetracer products(subplatter, counterweight and delrin platter). I think my next move might be swapping out the RB700 tonearm for a RB1000. If not, I just may save up for a used P9. I think going for an RP6 or P7 would be a lateral move.
VPI Traveler - $1400, VPI Scout - $1800, VPI Scout 2 - $2200. All better the P7.
you don't want to mess with setup and you bought a table where you need to remove the arm and add spacers just to set VTA, which can never be perfect. worst design ever.
They are all nice TT's.
Have you compared all those TT's to the P7?
Not personally, but I trust the opinions of some of those who have.
Trip, I have owned Rega, VPI and Basis turntables. They all have their own ups and downs. You made a very good choice for the $$$. While others may disagree, that is the nature of this hobby. As a current VPI owner, I say that you made a good choice, relax and enjoy the music.

Good advice, enjoy the music. Not everyone is going to agree on everything.
That's what makes this hobby fun.

Happy Holiday's!
I would get a price break because I have the power supply.
I have a very modded (some may say fully modded) P5, and it is still better than the Simplex, but I would say I enjoy both very much. The P5 has a touch more air, is more resolving, and has better extension. The Simplex wins out in low noise and ease of setup and maintenance.

I had the VPI Classic for about a month to compare directly against the P5, and the P5 won handily in all around musicality. The VPI could pull out more info, but at a steep price in lowered musicality with 85% of my LP collection. Definitely NOT a good use of money to my ears.

I have the full set of GT mods (subplatter, Delrin platter, and Counterweight), rewired the arm with Incognito copper, added VTA adjustment with Riggle's VTAF, fully decoupled the motor, added the double belt pulley. These are mods I paid for, mostly used.

I then "copied" the Rega RP3/6 series design by adding a DIY carbon fiber brace between the plinth and arm, and that really brought resolution and resonance control up a notch. Without the brace, the P5 is a bit less distinct, fast, and resolving, but always musical and enjoyable. I've also added DIY damping to minimize distortion (Delrin bearing collar, Herbie's grungebuster). See the Rega thread at VinylEngine for the full details.

Then I added an Audiomods Classic arm, and boy what a difference that made. No longer use the GT counterweight or VTAF, but they are good upgrades nonetheless. They just won't work with the AM arm.

The bottom line is: the P5 is a great machine to use either stock or in upgraded form. Sure, you could spend $2.5K on a Simplex or VPI, but spending the same amount you could be just as happy with a used P5 with mods and adding an Audiomods arm. If you are handy and your system is revealing enough, you will be paid back with every mod/upgrade/tweak that I've done.

That said, if you want simple and satisfying, the Simplex will also take you there.
After talking and looking at all the alternatives with my local dealer about the P7 and cart upgrade.
I deceided on getting the Dynavector DV-20XL. Getting a 20% discount by trading in my 10x5 and my dealer setting up the 20XL.
Got home put 20 hrs on the cart and I can say that I am extremely happy is an understatement.

Thanks to all for your input and views.
I love my P5, the music it makes is very satisfying to my ears, and thus I see no reason to change. I started with the basic P5, and moded my Benz Micro Glider with their ruby cantilever and highest diamond stylus upgrade. That brought the sound stage more into focus ($350) and added more detail.
Then I installed a pair of Bybee purifier bullets ($770) right before each full range driver inside my Kalinowski back loaded horns. That cleaned up the sound and made the presentation more dynamic, with more sparkle and punch. The phono-pre is an E.A.R.834P ($1400).
My point is this, you all have different flavors of excellent turntables. Once you are comfortable with one, your money may be best spent in upgrading/twaking the rest of your system.
The P5 and the other Rega tables are easy to set up, and great to listen to.