Upgrading from Receiver to Separates

I'm in the process of researching an upgrade path from a Rotel RSX-1055 to a Pre/Pro & multi-channel amp set-up. I will be moving into a loft at the end of the year, with the listening area about 14' L x 18' w x 13' h.

Currently have B&W 603 (front L/R), B&W LCR 600 (center), ASW675 (sub) and 600s for the rears. I will be replaceing the rear speakers and plan on in-wall for the back for a 7.1 set-up.

Good-quality stereo is very important, although I use my HT set-up for all video sources (HDTV, Digital Cable, Tivo, DVDs) so that gets more use.

I'm not currently into multi-channel audio (DVD-A, SACD), and basically use DTS, DD and Stereo. Obviously with a 7.1 set-up newer formats (Prologic IIx, DTS-ES, as well as manufacturer-designed surround modes) will be important factors; as is analog bypass. I prefer warm clear music, and great imaging and detail in the HT set-up. Component video switching is important, upconversion would be nice but not necessary.

I'm trying to steer clear of my local high-end audio stores since they universally recommend the units they stock and I've been burned before.

So what would you recommend as a good pre/pro and multi channel amp set up? Any advice on good rear in-wall and back L/R would also be appreciated. I'm fine with a pre/pro from one company and amps from another, and am prepared to invest in something that's going to last. I'm budgetting about $10K for everything, including having the place professionaly wired.
If you like the Rotel sound why not go with Rotel Pre-Pro amd amp. Otherwise it's a try till you buy.
Thanks for the response... Actually, I haven't been so happy with the Rotel Receiver when it comes to 2-channel audio. Maybe their preamp/processor + amplifier sounds better.
Separates always do. But if you want to take this opportunity to break out of the Rotel mold, you might look at Arcam, Primare, Parasound, and I am sure others in the price range that don't come to mind right now. Actually if you want to spend more and get another receiver look at the McIntosh receiver. I have their Pre/Pro and amps and really love the sound. One other note I have listened to Rotel stuff and find it "british dry" and that coupled with B&W speakers may be where you're missing the sound you want look at brigher cables as an option.