Upgrading from NAD 320 BEE?

Hi there-rest of system is B&W DM 602 S3 , and NAD CD 542...
Am about to get decet turntable (Funk Vector w/ 301 arm...)
-though not sure which cartridge..
Right now I have a NAD pp2 phono stage
Good amp (used) in the 500-1000 range?
Poss w a phono stage, better than the little NAD.....
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wait till you listen to the new set up before changing integrateds. you may just want to step up the nad line, or stay put.
Good advice from Jaybo: wait till you hear the new gear in your system. After that, if you still want to step up, consider the Moon LP3 phono stage.
I went from the 320 to an Onkyo A-9555, which I found a real nice upgrade for not much money, then a NAD C162/C272 which I feel are a great bargain for the prices they sometimes go for. Both units also have good phono stages.
I went from NAD C317 integrated (80 watts) to a Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated. I actually had Rotel in between for about two months and it was so bright sounding I couldn't handle it. The only thing I miss about the SS NAD is the punchy tight bass. NAD is great stuff. I kept my NAD because I love it so much.
NAD C355Bee new (80wpc), NAD C372 used (150wpc), Cambridge Audio 650A new (75wpc). All of these amps are ridiculously good for the money, and your B&W speakers will benefit from the added power.
Not sure if this is allowed or not but I just listed a barely used NAD C355BEE for what I feel is a fair price.

I now own my 5th 320BEE and it's not going anywhere. I would sell the others and try something different, but kept coming back. I have a couple other amps I like that cost a lot more, but I could live with the BEE happily. Just don't be in a hurry because it's hard to beat for 2-3x the price.
I had a 320BEE (sold to clbone) and PP-2. Moved up to a Bryston B60 with internal phono stage. The NADs were great for the money. If I had the room, I'd have kept the BEE as a second system.

More money will get you a better sounding setup, but it'll cost ya.

If you upgrade anything, I'd say PP-2 first. Its a great entry level phono stage, but it can be bettered for not much more money and the 320BEE should easily show an improvement.
hi guys-
thanks for all your great replies..
Sounds like maybe a decent phono pre amp may be cheapest way to go...
Lemme know thoughts on that maybe in the $300 -500 range??
My dealer is advising a benz m/c for the funk..
At your price, I repeat myself: get the Moon LP3.
I have to say that I love that so many of us have such great memories and/or experiences with NAD gear. I ran a pre (104?) and power (204?) amp combo as my first 'hifi' gear starting 16 or so years ago. Great, great equipment that is just plain hard to beat without spending significantly more.

The only other candidate that I might throw in that I think is of the same ilk is the Creek 5350SE. They seem to go in your range with a very solid MM phono stage.
If you go down the upgraded phono amp route, then on the lower end of your range you must think about the Bellari VP130 if you intend to use MM cartridges. This units sounds really nice.

The upper end of your range is crowded with good deals like these:

Lehman Black Cube Statement
Grado PH-1
Musical Fidelity X-LPS v8

or, if you can spring for a little more, look at the Musical Surroundings Phenomena II - or try to find an original Phenomena used.

Good luck.