Upgrading from my Rotel RCD-1072

I am contemplating upgrading my current CDP - a Rotel RCD-1072. This CDP has been a very good CDP for the $$ spent but I am in the upgrade mood. I am considering a Rega Saturn (if I can still get the trade up program) or the Bryston BCD-1. I have listened to both at my dealer and they both sounded similar. Looking for some reqal world users comments or suggestions please. Thanks so much; God Bless our troops and those working in the coal mines.
I suggest you take your Rotel player to your dealer and see if it also sounds similar to the two you're considering before spending the big bucks.
the rotel's well regarded as a transport--have you considered keeping it and adding an external dac? you're likely to get upgraded performance for less $$$$
I upgaded my RCD 1072 with a Rega Apollo and the difference was easily disernable, even the wife and kids heard the difference. More bloom, seperations of detail and soundstage.
Yes, definetly take it in and listen to it next to the units you may purchase. That's what I did when I purchased my RCD-1072 back in 2006. I brought in an older NAD player and I could clearly hear the difference in detail particularly in the high frequencies. I'm also thinking of upgrading. Please let us know which way you go.

I have not heard the two players you are contemplating, but I guess it would be hard for anyone to provide any feedback without knowing what it is you are trying to improve and what the rest of your system is.

FWIW, I own an RCD-1072, and while my next upgrade will be the preamp, next up I'm thinking of adding a DAC and use the Rotel as a transport (and toy with computer as a source). Are you ruling this option out?