Upgrading from Monitor Audio Silver 5i's?

I've had my MA Silver 5i's for around 5 years and have been very pleased with them. They've sounded good and my wife was happy with the size and appearance.

I'm wanting to do an upgrade on the speakers. The new (or used) ones must maintain a relatively small footprint and probably not be taller than 36-38 inches.

My room is around 17x17x9 feet. I use a NAD C540 cd player and an Outlaw 1050 receiver. Eventually I may be able upgrade these components as well.

I'm wanting the speakers primarily for music (jazz), however, they will sometimes be called upon to be part of a 5.1 movie setup.

And I'm want to keep the cost under $1200.

Any ideas?

Some additional info.

I've done a number of searches and looked through reviews, websites, etc.

Totem looks like it might be what I'm looking for.

Has anyone heard these versus the MA's?

Other ideas?

Thanks, Chris

My suggestion would be to upgrade your existing/stock speaker crossover networks with some good parts. Your speaker crossover network are preventing you from hearing just how good your speakers really are. It would cost you around $200-300 to do this. I would be shocked if your jaw didn't drop just by upgrading your xover network with better parts. I have done a number of xover networks and will be starting another A'gon members at the end of this week.

He like you was considering just upgrading to a different speaker and spending a couple of thousand. Why not mod the Monitor Audio's xover network for $200-300. The Monitor Audio's are already excellent speakers. Take them to an entirely new level with just a couple hundred dollars.

BTW- His are also Monito Audio's also.

I personally do xover upgrades for many brands of speakers and can promise it will completely amaze you.

Thanks for the advice Mike.

This is an option I hadn't thought of. I guess that this means finding better capacitors at the same micro-Farad value (if I remember my EE classes), maybe different wires, etc.

Hopefully I can to this without tearing my speakers up and only having parts at the end.

Have a great weekend.