Upgrading from Monitor Audio GS60 to ??

I’ve got some very good advice from this forum before, so I would like to tap again into the collective mind and get some recommendations for some nice speakers:)

My amp is an integrated Wyred4sound STI 500, fed by Wyred4Sound DAC2 which gets is USB data from an audio PC, mostly in 24bit/96khz (Jazz and classic rock mostly).

I am very happy with this setup and not planning to changed it, BUT I got a good offer for my speakers and now I am thinking to upgrade them to something else.

I was thinking to go with the same brand: Monitor Audio GX200, but I’ve read conflicting reviews about them.

Anyway, what would you suggest for my setup that is around $1500-2000?

I've listened to the MA GX200 plenty and it's very nice. Not sure you'll find a pair for 2K, but if you do that's a lot of speaker for the money. A completely different speaker, but the Magnepan 1.7i is something to consider.