Upgrading from Martin Logan ESL15a w/Force subs to Wilson Sasha Daw or Alexia 2 w/JL subs

I would like some guidance on switching from ML to the Wilsons mentioned above.  While I do really enjoy the ML I'm looking for something smaller as well a better connection between the highs and lows which both of the Wilsons do better.  There are numerous other things I like about the Wilsons as well.

Currently, I have the McIntosh MC-1.25kwh mono blocks with my ML center powered by a MC-601.  My speaker wire is transparent.  My Processor is a McIntosh MX160 and I am using Roon with a NAS and Lumin Streamer.  I will also be adding a McIntosh pre-amp to improve performance on the 2 channel.  Haven't decided between C2700 or C53 yet.  Adding a Clear Audio Concept turntable but haven't settled in on cartridge.  There is no rush to do anything, so I'm open to opinions.

A couple comments on the Wilson's.....the midrange and tweeter are the same on both but the Alexia 2 has much more adjustability.  While demoing without the subs the Sasha Daw bass hit me but the Alexia 2 went through me.  Sasha has 2 - 8" bass drivers and the Alexia 2 has an 8" and a 10".

I listen to all types of music including Jazz from the 50's - 60's, Acoustic, classical symphonies, rock and progressive/alternative rock.

Thanks in advance for your honest feedback.
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I never cared for Conrad-Johnson.  I would get the McIntosh C2700 preamp.  I have the C2500 and I love it.  It’s my last preamp. 
Almost all systems needs subs unless the mains have active subs.
I would add a watch controller from wilson ($4500). It will take the system to a different level. You could pass higher then too if you are currently coming in under the mains (not as good as passing at 50-60z) imo. The downside is the additional wiring...

JL CR-1 would be a cheaper option. 



Excellent suggestion. My dealer actually recommended that to switch between 2 channel and Home Theater.
I appreciate your suggestion.

 am thinking of buying the ESL 15a or focal scala evo. Should I audtion the Wilson's? Didnt think about them.
Yes, you should check them out for a variety of reasons but better transition from the mids' to bass and significantly better tonality in my opinion.  Have never heard the Focal's.  Maybe I should be checking them out!!