Upgrading from KRC3: ARC LS25 or JRDG Synergy IIi?

Which is better, i.e. more transparent and liquid sounding ?

I would like to keep my XLR cables so I need something with a balanced construction. Remote is a must. Unity gain input would be a bonus.
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Have you considered the Ayre K-1x preamp?
It is a fully balanced design.
(It has 3 balanced and 3 single ended inputs, as well as balanced and single ended outputs).
I find it is very transparent, with great frequency response. Not as liquid as a tube preamp (It is SS), but the detail retreival is fantastic.
It really gets out of the way of the music.
Plus it has options for a remote (very basic remote functions though - volume, muting only) and really good phono boards.
I prefer it to my old ARC preamps, (I used to use an ARC LS-2 preamp and ARC PH-3 phono preamp).
Used they tend to go for around $4k, so it is in the same ballpark as the ARC LS-25.

Just a thought!

Good Luck in your search.
I just traded my KRC-3 and KSA-50S in on a Musical Fidelity A308cr Pre-Amp and Amp right after this past Christmas. I've never regretted the replacement piece for piece, but the dealer did tell me that the bigger upgrade was the Amp, not the KRC-3.

Like Kurt_tank, I have a friend using the ARC LS-2 with a KSA-100S that is really, really nice. It blew my KRC-3 and KSA-50S away, and even the new MF A308cr pair.

I've never heard the JRDG Synergy IIi, but I've heard the new M201 monoblocks and got a little sick to my stomach that I had purchased the MF pieces before hearing these.

If it were me, I'd check out the Synergy IIi. From the rave reviews and the fact that the M201's are as sweet as they are, I'd being willing to bet that you'd really like it.
Thanks for all your comments.