Upgrading from CJ Premier 17LS to 17LS2?


I will be in the market for a new pre-amp sometime soon.
I currently own the CJ Premier 17LS. I was wondering if
anyone has compared the 17LS to the 17LS2? Did you feel
that the 17LS2 was a signifigant upgrade over the previous

I was finally able to take a road trip and sit down with the 17LS2 for a few hours a month ago. I intended to buy one around Christmas because I loved my c-j DAC, but couldn't find anyone in the area that had one to audition.

I ended up buying a Herron VTSP-1A/166 from Karl Lozier (the reviewer) when he bought the new VTSP-2.

When I finally sat down with the 17LS2, I was never more happy with my decision to go with the Herron. In the current Absolute Sound, it's one of Harry P's "List" of five pre-amps, along with the c-j ART and ACT.

You might be really surprised if you'd give the Herron a listen.

Can not speak to the 17lsII but the 16lsII is a substantial upgrade to the 17lsI. I have owned both and still have my 16lsII. You would have to purchase one used as it is a non current model; but it is great nontheless.