Upgrading from Cary Six Pacs

I've been using the Six Pacs for a few months and looking to upgrade to something with a bit more power. I would like something a bit more neutral.
I just upgraded from the Sixpacs to Quicksilver Triodes. While power is rated the same, the Triodes appear to have more power. It is a 6C33B based amp like the Lamms. They are also more neutral than the Sixpacs(less velvety). Don't get me wrong, I loved the Sixpacs --- I was just looking for a slightly more neutral sound while retaining the sweetness of a great tube amp. You may also want to listen to the Quicksilver V4's (120 watts) which are easier to find. What is your associated equipment?
Andy2, you need to give more information in your question in order for anyone to give any recommendations. For a starter, I would list all the components, including cables, that currently comprise your system. Secondly, a brief description of your room size and acoustic treatments would also help to determine your power requirements.
Check out the Dodd 120 monos. Significant upgrade in power, detail and neutrality. Shameless plug as I have a pair for sale on Audiogon.
Thanks for responding:

Drrasta: I am not sure the Dodd would give me more power since the SixPacs has 6 tubes per channel. I know it's not as simple how many tubes driving but the SixPacs are pretty powerful for a tube amp. Please take no offense.

Sherod: I am looking for somethig more neutral overall for my system. Cdp is a Jolida JD100, Conrad Johnson 17LS, sixPacs. Speakers and cables are diy types to save money :-). Speakers are pretty laid back and warm sounding. I am thinking of maybe going for a good SS amp. I did have a CJ MF2500A but the sound was too warm.
Thanks Andy, for the info. Since I don't know what kind of speakers you have since they are DIY, if you know their efficiency rating, that would help to determine your power requirements. I have read that your Conrad Johnson preamp has a slightly warm sound to it. Maybe a good solid state amp just might be the ticket for balancing. McCormack amps are known to have good power as well as having an overall neutral character. You can find good used McCormack amps here in the ads daily. If you try one out and it doesn't "float your boat" then the McCormacks usually retain their resale value well. Good luck in your quest.