Upgrading from Cary 308 to the 303/200 CDP

Can anyone tell me what kind of sound difference I can expect with this upgrade? Is is worth the $$? Thanks.
I use the Cary SLI 80 tube amp and a set of Paradigm Studio 80s. Virtual Dynamics Nite cabling all around.
I went from a 303 (the original) to the 303/200 and the difference is really remarkable. The biggest improvement to me is the quality of the low end. There is a much more real, for lack of better words, weight and body. Much more natural than its predecessor. The upsampling is also a nice touch on some discs, but most of the time I do not use it. I rank it as one of the most musical one box players I have ever heard/owned. I have it hooked up to a sli-80 also and it makes music.