upgrading from cary 306-200


I own a Cary 306-200 which plays the cds for my Wilson Watt Puppy 7.0, Rowland 302 amp, BATVK51SE preamp.

The system rocks but am wondering if there would be a marked improvement if I upgraded the cd player? If so, what are the suggestions for my particular system?
Wadia 861 or 270/27ix

See my other post responding to your inquiry in the amps section
i recently sold my 306/200 and purchased a Wadia 861se. The Wadia has the GNSC Reference Level mods. Even without the mods, the Wadia was way ahead of the Cary in every way. The Wadia is also more than twice the Cary's price.

I like the 306/200, it was a great machine for the price. The Wadia is simply a better player in every way.
I had a Cary 306/200 cdp and a catalog of over 5000 cds and wanted to upgrade. I listened to many one and two box systems and purchased an Audiomeca Mephisto 11.X. The best Redbook playback I heard was the dCS system but it was completely out of my price range.
I know of two people who have traded in Wadia 861 CD players (one an se model) for a Cary 306/200 and are very happy with the trades
I had both Cary 306 and Wadia 861 at the same time...it wasn't close (and it shouldn't for msrp diff). Wadia was superior in every way.

That said, now I would look to try an EMM Labs unit first...