Upgrading from Cardas lightning to Virtual Dynmcs?

Would you wager a guess as to whether upgrading from a Cardas Digital Lightning L15 to a Virtual Dynamics Nite Digital interconnect will produce significant results. Currently use a Nite PC on the front end and like the results ie better seperation on instruments etc. The Cardas actually has a pretty nice sound {analog like} but you know , sometimes the upgrade bug bites ! THX.
I'm not familiar with the VD cable, but I can pretty much guarantee that you will hear some difference. Whether or not you prefer the VD over the Cardas will be personal taste. I compared the Cardas to 3 or 4 cables and they all sounded different...some drastically so. Much of the difference seems to depend on transport/dac synergy too, so there's really no way to know until you try.
SO far I do like VD Nite AC cords and ICs a lot.

I have not tried their speaker cables or digital IC.

I had two of the Cardas L15s here a few years ago. Very nice bottom end and great body and weight to the music. However, the top end extension and over all detail retrieval was not really all that great. Micro dynamics were somewhat compromised and I recall something about the separation of instruments in the soundstage to be very intriguing at first, but somewhat unrealistic and fatiguing after extensive listening. I then moved on to the AZ MC2, which certainly solved the top end extension issue and lightened things up considerable while being much faster overall. However, the poor MC2 just never could get the vocals right for me as they always appeared a bit lean and somewhat hot in the upper mids. Next came the HT Magic one, which I fell in love w/ for a loooong time here. Place some Bybee filters on each end of that cable and you are talking WORL CLASS performance. Then I ruined it all by listening to the Omega Mikro line and everything else sort of paled in comparison to those puppies. Recently I have had time to listen to the Nite line and must say that it's about as close to OM performance as one can get while still paying sane prices. Rick is great to work w/ and the 30-day audition w/ full return is hard to beat. The cable has no glaring weaknesses and really stands out in the mids and top end detail retrieval while never making you pay the sibilance penalty many cables do that get you that kind of shimmer and detail up top. Very full robust vocals that are really huge and powerful in the soundstage. If you have been pretty happy w/ the Cardas L15 I’d wager a good bet that the Nite cable is gonna FLOOR you. The digital is most likely the crown jewel of the line IMHO.