Upgrading from B&W 703's to PMC OB1's??

Hi guys, I've had my B&W 703's for some maybe 1 1/2 years, using a Musical Fidelity A308CR preamp and a pair of Electrocompaniet AW220's.

Haven't had much time for a while to listen and have a chance to buy some PMC OB1+'s locally. I've heard those speakers before driven by a full Rega setup and liked them a lot better then what I have. I found the sound to be warmer and the bass was definitely better to my ears.

The weak point right now in my system is most likely still a Sony CD player, but I wonder if changing that will make what I have sound a little warmer or more musical.

Will have to sell the 703's first and don't want to waste too much time, but before I do this I'd like to find out if any of you have ever heardc the combo og PMC and Electrocompaniet.

Would appreciate any input, thanks.