Upgrading from Ayre Vx5e to MXRs on Revel F52s

Would like to get some more power to my Revel F52s, i am thinking of upgrading to the Ayre MXRs, any comments? BTW, I also have the Ayre Kx5e MP and 7eMP for CDs.
Its certainly a step up, however, for me personally, I wonder if the additional cost would be worth it. If you do this, do post your observations.
I'm not familiar with the Ayre, but I'm driving my F52's with a PASS X250 250 @ 8ohm 500 @ 4ohm and its a great match.

At low level I get the Class A up to 40 watts and thats where I do most of my listening then on big transients the PASS has the juice. I can presurize my room with tight articulate bass with well ballanced full sound.

I never felt A bigger amp would be worth the expense..
I don't think you can beat them . I also owned the F52s , I miss there punchy mid bass .
I have been listening to my F52s for 2 days now with a buddy using the Ayre MXRs vs V5xe and all I can say is OMG!!! I never thought they would transform the sound much - more of everything, transparency, clarity, unlimited power, nuance, etc. I am blown away - just wanted to post observations since some folks asked how it made out if I went this way.