Upgrading from AT95e cart.....

First off...this is a great budget cart...however i have the itch to see what is out there...I am primarily looking for more high frequency extension/ detail and a bigger presentation...would the following be a quantum leap in performance:
Ortofon 2m red
Denon 110?

budget <200
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I believe that the 95e will take a 120 as well as the 140 needle. Both of which have better diamonds/cantilevers.
no, not a quantum leap.more like a step. you decide which direction
Not sure if this cart is brighter per se, but I was turned on to a Sumiko Pearl when I wasn't happy with an AT440...and that Pearl just sings...at $125 I feel it's underpriced somewhat as sounds great...extremely balanced and accurate in my modest Linn Basik/Akito rig.
Dear Phasecorrect: The SA version of the AT95 is a better performer and you could try it, I think you can get for 149.00

Regards and enjoy the music,