Upgrading from andras

The egglestonworks Andra 1 are brilliant speakers.... what have owners upgraded to? Care to share experiences... thks
Agree.  Great speakers.  I had the Fontaine Signatures on extended audition a while back -- basically the upper portion of the Andras -- and they were fantastic.  Assuming they have similar sonic signatures with the Andras obviously having much greater bass capabilities, a speaker you should absolutely audition is the Joseph Audio Pearl.  To my ears the JAs match the Eggleston's strengths but provide more air and space definition up top without sacrificing refinement, and their 3D imaging is superior to what I heard from the Egglestons. 

Others I've heard that would give the Andras a good run for the money are Vandersteen 5, Rockport Avior, and Nola Baby Grand.  But at this level personal preference is probably the biggest variable since all these speakers are very accomplished and lack any serious flaws.  That said, since you clearly like the Eggleston sound, there's a nice pair of Savoy Signatures available here now.  That would obviously be a no-brainer upgrade as you'll be moving both up the chain and gaining Signature upgrades in the process.  

Anyway, just some thoughts.  Hope this helps and best of luck. 
Have you noticed the mid range suck out? Perhaps this is something that fits your taste? It means the speaker is rather overly polite - trumpet will lack the usual forward character and violin will be muted.


Try to figure out if this is why you like them so much or if this difficiency is something you would like to address.
U make a grt pt there shadorne ... having heard the q3 for instance... I did think it was a tad forward.... despite the suck out the andras did get class a.... I am looking for something that is clearly a step above the andras but yet to something that pulls me in as much.... but this is a long journey and I really hope ex owners of andras can chime in.... cheers
I had Andra-1's and upgraded to A-2's, a very worthwhile improvement.  The cabinet's height was raised which got the woofers higher off the floor.  Results- the bass went deeper and the mid bass and mids gained clarity.  The only shortcoming I perceived was NOT the tweeter which was phenomenal- it was a bit of slowness in the midrange drivers compared to newer designs using carbon fiber, etc. I see the Andra-3's now have updated mids so I would have loved to hear them before upgrading to Von Schweikert
speakers.  The VS's are better (VR-9's) and a lot more money, too.
But the main improvement was again more speed and clarity in the midrange drivers.  I also have better bass and the 9's are fully adjustable so you can tailor them to your room.  But... all I really "needed" was the VR-5's which were more than enough speaker for my 14 x 20 room.  Eggleston is still making great speakers and
my choices had to do with getting what was available and something that would be a better version of what I had.  

will a move to sonus faber elipsa or futura be a move upwards or just sideways