Upgrading from Adcom GFA 5802

Hi everyone. I'm a long time reader, first time poster and would like your opinions for a new amp. I mostly listen to prog rock Genesis, Yes, etc. I have the matching preamp, big energy speakers, good cables, etc. I like the overall sound of the 5802, especially the base, but the high end seems rolled off and I would like more transparency. My dealer suggested the Krell KAV 250, which made sense. However, it sounded too controlled almost mechanical in my system. Next, I tried a pair of BAT VK-200 monoblocks. Transparency and highend extension in spades. But not enough low range punch-for prog rock anyway. Now I don't know what to do. If any of you have had a similar experience, I would really appreciate your help. Thanks, Matt.......
Try Bryston amps.
Any of the Pass labs X-series amps will give you what you're looking for.
If I were you, I would try the Parasound Halo JC-1's.
These match up extremely well with the Adcom GFP-750 preamp.
Plenty of transparency and top-end extension, along with outstanding bass control and extension.
Contact John Hillig at:


He offers a series of reasonably-priced mods to your amp. I did "mini-platinum" mods to an Adcom amp about five years ago and was most satisfied. Throw $800 to $1200 into a Nelson Pass designed amp for primo parts (Black Gate caps, tantalum resistors high speed diodes) from a guy who knows his stuff and you'll really have something. Resale on the stock 5802 won't get much of a downpayment on another brand.

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Hi Yes9,

I used to own two Adcom 555 MkII amps, bridged to monoblock mode to power my Snell B Minor speakers. I tried the Bryston amps, mentioned above, but thought they sounded cold. I eventually decided upon Plinius equipment, and have been very pleased with it. I use their integrated amp. Great detail and extension, but also warm and life-like. If interested, please e-mail me. I might know someone who would let you demo. (No, I'm not a dealer or connected to Plinius in any way).

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Paul Frumkin
If you live near Madison, WI, I have a 5802 with John Hillig's platinum mods. Might be fun to compare to your stock 5802 if you're in the neighborhood.
Thanks everyone for responding. I am going to explore some of the options and I will let you know how I make out. Matt....
I used bryston 7b st mono blocks on my b minors,for about 9 years with great success,and yes the b-minors can handle the 500 watt power output of the amps,they can drive the amps to clipping if pushed with no strain from the skrs.