Upgrading from 90's KEF C95

So one of my old KEF C95 floorstanding speaker tweeters seems to have finally went away. I have been thinking about upgrading to a more modern front speaker for quite a while now and this has pushed me over the ledge. I have a KEF Q9c center channel which is nothing fantastic but it does the job and sounds nice to me. My question is what front floor standing speakers from KEF would be comparable to these C95's that would pair nicely with the Q9c center? I am not only interested in these speakers for surround, we also play a good amount of music on them so that is important. Considering a pair of the XQ90's but wanted to get some input from the community here before I pulled the trigger. Thanks in advance!
Tweeters do not usually cost that much; if you have not listened to the new ones and found them significantly better I would just repair the ones you have; you will be doing that in any case to sell them or use them elsewhere. Don't assume that newer products are automatically much better than older ones; some are , some aren't.
Thanks, Stan. I will research getting this tweeter replaced. I would like to keep them but did not know this was a viable option, not many KEF dealers in this area and not sure it will be easy to find someone who can repair them. Ill look into it.
You can probably do it yourself; I have. All that is usually required is to take the screws out of the tweeter, then either unsolder the tweeter or pull the clips off it, depending on how it is fasted on. Anyone who can use a soldering iron at all can do it; a KEF dealers is only needed to buy the tweeters, not for the repair itself.