Upgrading form Pass integrated amplifier to a better one


Currently I have a PASS INT-250 integrated amplifier . The Pass INT-250 is a very good integrated (in my system it was overall better than Plinius Hiato, Gamut D150se, Mark Levinson 535, Vitus RI-100,  Accuphase E-470 and some others) but I can't get rid of the feeling that I miss some explosiveness (drum kicks for example) and micro details.

I know that its not the speakers. The new Sonus faber tradition I have are much more open, dynamic and airy than previous Guarneri Evos, Elipasas SE and Amati Anniversarious I used to own. And before buying them I auditioned the Serafinos with Audio Research separates and it was the amazing combo. But I really prefer not to go the separates road ( ICs, power cords and space contribute to financial constrains also) and even so I like the combo of Pass and Serafinos overall but from time to time looking for some better integrated on the market.

Currently I presented with a good opportunity to buy latest Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated or latest just released Accuphase E-650.  No possiblilty to demo them, so I am asking here on the forum if anybody can comment if Gryphon Diablo 300 or Accuphase E-650 will be better integrated than Pass INT250 overall and especially in terms of dynamics, micro details and harmonics.

Any advise and opinion would be very appreciated.

My system: Esoteric K-05x, Pass INT-250, Sonus Faber Serafinos, all cabling are the Shunyata Sigmas.

Room is 12" wide by 17" long. Listen mostly acoustic jazz and chamber classical on low to moderate levels.

Thank you.

Hi denon1 if you consider tube amp options also. I own Allnic T-2000 25th Anniversary integrated amp which it is newer version of old t-2000 . Using 4 KT150 output tubes put out 100 watts nice tube sound . I match with 89 db 4 drivers sealed enclosure design speaker. Allnic drive nicely and I think will be very good match with your S F speakers.  Allnic is amazing amp. I am very happy to say that Dont over look.


Have you heard a T+A  product? Gryphon and T+A are competitors in Europe and there are those who have acutally compared the T+A product to the Gryphon in the case of the battle of the uber intergrateds and have chosen the T+A product which has a few advantages over the Gryphon. and the Gryphon also has a few advantages as well so it come down to a whole number of factors.

These are two of the world's best products I have nothing but respect for Gryphon and I have heard their products and they are outstanding but to make the claim that Gryphon is the best is ridiculous, they are among the best but in the case of reference grade electronics it will all come down to what you prefer in terms of looks, features, sound quality, wattage, and how it mates with your gear.

If you read the TAS review Mr. Taffel compared an older HV series integrated to $120k worth of CH Precision gear and came away very impressed up to the point that he was having difficulty determining which was which and again, $45k D'agastino piece vs $21.5K T+A integrated and boom same thing so obviously this is a brand to be reckoned with also considering they are the single largest high end brand in Germany must mean that their equipment is also extremely good.

What I find ironic is with all the positive press rave reviews in TAS, Soundstage, Positive Feedback guys like Inna aren't saying hey what about this brand too?

I would never make a statement that T+A or Gryphon is better than Dartzeel, or Vitus, or CH or Goldmund it will all come down to what you value and what you like and of course what you are exposed to, but again, if T+A equipment wasn't absolutely world class they would hardly have grown to be the size of the company that they are. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ 
Inna I would also add in our tests vs a big set of MBL, Krell MRA a $120k Krell Massive pure Class A monoblocks that were the magnum opus of Krell, a set of $90k Boulder Amps, Thrax gear and CJ gear, Devialet 400 watt Monos, the T+A also come out on top vs most of the other pieces and in some ways out performed the Boulder and in other ways the Boulder was better, but we were also comparing a $90k set of Boulder Mono blocks vs a T+A stereo amp and power supply for $32k so the T+A was at a major disadvantage.

So yes when you test T+A they are also pretty freaking amazing sounding pieces of equipment.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Dave and Troy, please don't use my thread to push your product. You recommended this once, there is no need to go into details again and again. At this point I'm interested only in the opinion of the people who actually heard Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated. All other options off the table.