Upgrading Equipment Need Some Advice

Receiver Yamaha Aventage RX-A1020 Thinking about 3020?
Focal 836V front--Polk CS-400 center--Polk FX-1000 surround
Do I need Amp??
Possible Oppo or Cambridge Blu ray
Listen to music 40% and movies 55% Rock Out 5%
Not sure of the upgrade path you are on but here is what I do.
I would keep the RX-A1020 as it has a full set of Pre-outs and I believe that its room correction is no different than what is found on the 3020. Then get a good 2 channel amp, around a solid 125 wpc channel RMS (not AVR watts) or more to drive the Focals you have. Finally ditch the Polk center and get the matching center for your Focal 836V's. Total cost of a 2 channel amp and Focal center would probably be less than a single new Yamaha 3020 and your system would be vastly improved.
Then get your OPPO or Cambridge disc player. Good luck.
Drop the receiver idea and get some hi-value separates. The Emotiva UMC-200 coupled with one of their multi-channel amps will flat-out smoke the Yamaha receivers...

The Oppo or Cambridge are not amps. If you use one of these to playyour blue rays you will still need an amp. The Emotive stuff is very nice
Really? I might put a amp on the Yamaha if I can afford a good one. I have considered and NAD receiver also. I've been looking at receivers Yamaha 3020, elite-67, NAD T775hd2
Blu-ray Oppo or Cambridge
Front Speakers Focal 836v??
Amp? Parasound? No idea yet.