Upgrading : EAD T-1000 or Theta Data Basic


I am looking to upgrade my aging transport (Kinergetics KCD-30) and is wondering what people think about the EAD versus the Theta. I am looking for a transport that can impart a sweeter/warmer sound than what the kinergetics gave me. I am running the data into a polyfusion 800 DAC. What are your opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the two transports? I am kind of partial to the EAD because of the stable platter mechanism. Are there any other alternitives in the $500 used range that I should be looking at also?

Thanks, Peter
EAD 1000 transport cannot compete with the EAD 7000 transport having previously owned both before I purchased the 1000 thinking it would sound excellent based upon the quality of the 7000 Boy was I disappointed. The 7000 is a much better transport than many people think it is.