Upgrading DC Cables for Linear Power Supply

I have bought some Linear Power Supplies as upgrades.

Wondering the options to upgrade the cable from the LPS to component.

There appear a range of options, with some more expensive than the LPS purchase price.


I'm interested in cables that are of reasonable quality above the supplied cables, but not atmospheric in price.

Thanks for the link. Have been wondering where to get a higher quality cable.

I have had various Ghent DC cables over the years. They always impress me. High quality, good workmanship, at reasonable prices. Shipping from China is surprisingly fast too

That is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. 

Two cables for modem and wifi router.

Three cables for M2Tech Hiface Evo 2/Clock/Supply.


And some future upgrades to come as well.

Purchases from China sometimes unsure what I'm getting.


China, yes, I was skeptical too a few years back. With Ghent, you have nothing to worry. I can vouch 100%

I’ve seen it mentioned in user manuals for a device. But many Chinese products don’t have proper manuals. One time I sent an email to a Hong Kong company and they told me.

I've also seen it in the product description online.

I have used this below from LPS to Liberty DAC.   There's also a place in England MCRU (Mains Cables R Us), really, that makes them, not too expensive.  Audio Sensibility are very good, bit more expensive, Steven is knowledgable and a good guy to work with



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Have bought one DC cable from Ghent Audio for my network switch. Waiting for that to arrive.

Ordering another for M2Tech HiFace Evo supply.