Upgrading crossover caps in a PSB Image 5T

I've got the bug to tinker with my speakers. I've heard that upgrading the caps in the crossover can really change things for the better. I'm sure the PSB Image 5Ts are very budget minded in their use of parts, so I'm thinking of doing some simple mod like adding Auricaps.

Soooo ... I open up the speaker and I don't see anything that looks like a capacitor (in the traditional sort of way). No barrel shaped caps, nothing that looks like an electrolytic. Anyone have a clue as to what might be going on?
Can you describe your speaker, and what you do see. Not all caps are round. Sometimes the crossover is attached to the terminal cup.
I can't speak for the PSB Image 5T, but I had my capacitors changed out of my PSB Stratus Bronzes by Audible Improvements in Asheville, NC. They were sounding a bit bright in the treble and a bit boomy in the bass and a bit ragged when pushed. They are better to my ears now on all counts. They are now keepers again. Just my opinion. I'm not sure what it all means.

If you can email me some pictures, I will try and help you out. I upgrade speaker xover networks as a side job.

Thanks Mike, I'll take a pic of it tonight. From what I recall, I remember seeing something flat and squarish.
Hi. I also own a pair of the PSB Image 5T speakers.
I am curious what you come up with for mods. It would be great if you would post your ideas. Thanks, Denis.
I own a pair of PSB 6T speakers. A while back I replaced the electrolytic caps with polypropelene caps of the same value. PSB uses 100 volt caps. They are very small and not real easy to get to because they not only mount the crossover boards with the binding posts but also everything is glued together! It is time consuming because getting it all apart takes a while. The other issue is that the electrolytic caps are about 3/8" in diameter and about 3/4" long. Polypropelene caps that are the same value and the same voltage are about the size of a "C" battery, so it takes some innovation to fit it all together. When I did it, I did not really notice a difference in the bass, but the mids were clearer and the highs, which I previously thought too aggressive were now smooth and clean. While doing it, I thought "this had better be worth it", after listening and especially after the caps broke in I thought "Man; that WAS worth it". The speakers were so much more refined that PSB could practically recap the Image and do nothing else, mark up the price and market it as a higher end model. Not subtle but a pain in the ass.
What caps did you use? And for that matter, what did it come with?

BTW, higher voltage rating caps will be fine. Lower? not a chance, as some amps may stress less than 100v caps on the loudest passages. ZAP!