upgrading Classe preamp CP-30 to CP-500?

I have a Classe` CA-201 amp and CP-30 preamp, with Ariel 7 speakers and a Simaudio CD player. The preamp is the oldest piece of gear - it was used when I bought it 15 years ago, and I am pondering getting a used (5 yr old but in good shape) Classe` CP-500 to upgrade. (I am tempted by used since the $3000+ price of new ones is a bit too much for me to handle right now.)

But I wonder if this will really make much of a difference. Is a good slightly used 5 year old preamp worth bothering with? I like the Classe` sound, but am wondering if I can improve things.

Any thoughts?

If not a Classe`, then what preamp under $2500 would be recommended?
Yes.....The 500 will certainly provide a clearer picture. It is voiced a bit different than the 30.....which for its price when it came out was good piece of gear but more romantic sounding than later preamps by classe. So, the 500 should sound a bit faster, more detailed and revealing. If that is what you are looking for than go for it.