Upgrading B&W 685 S1 to ?

Hi, I really appreciated the email responses I got from the community last time on the best receiver to buy for my system (it was old Marantz AV, Linn Basik turntable w/ Hana SL cartidge, Jasmine pre amp, Peachtree DAC, Paradigm sub woofer and B&W 685 S1 speakers). Well, I took the plunge and found a nice used Hegal H160, which I love. The overall stereo experience has improved tremendously, but so have the flaws inherent in the B&W 685's. They are a little weak on the high end, require fair amount of power to drive detail out of them, etc. So my next question to the group is this; Given that I cannot have anything other than bookshelf speakers in my living room (wife's final decision), and my room size is 20x20 where my field of sound  (ie my chair) is about 7-9 feet away, what speakers would you recommend as an upgrade which will provide the right amount of detail and depth without turning up the volume so much that the neighbors complain. My taste for music runs the full gamut - from Jazz to classical to rock. I would like to think that for under $3K you could get a fairly decent speaker which has both detail and efficiency. Thank you!
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Fritz Carrera 3 BE fit the bill.  Mention the $ special he was offering after CAF.
Thank you, will look at Fritz speaker never heard of them before 
@twoleftears bought the Fritz Carbon 7 MkII. Thank you for introducing me to Fritz, he's a great guy, very passionate about the industry and takes pride in what he delivers to us audiophile's. Getting them in a few weeks (he wants to make sure I am happy with type veneer - mahogany, ebony, walnut, etc.). I have really enjoyed talking with him and from all of the reviews I have poured over the past few weeks, leaving the middle guy out of his ecosystem is that much better and cheaper for us :-) I will let you know how they sound once I get them warmed up and opened.

Thanks again.
Usher Mini X would fit your needs. 
@phill55 Many congrats!  More than one person at the show that I've talked to thought they were very very good.  Once they're in and well broken in, please report back.