Upgrading Audio Logic 34 to 2400, good idea?

I have an Audio Logic 20 bit dac which I have considered upgrading to 24/96. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have heard that you lose some of the bloom and musicality that the 34 is known for if you upgrade. Any feedback would be appreciated.


If you really like the sound of it as is, you probably don't need to do the upgrade, although my experience has been that I like mine a good deal better after the upgrade. The focus of images within the soundstage is better, the resolution is better, the bass is tighter and deeper, and there is more "life" in the upper octaves. All of this has been done without losing any of the musicality of the original unit, and I really don't detect much, if any, loss of bloom. You could always take a more lush-sounding 12AU7 type if you want more tube bloom (for example, Teslas instead of the stock Mullards Jerry likes). I originally got the upgrade so I could listen to the DADs that were supposed to flood the market (another perfectly fine replacement for CD down the tubes!); however, I think the 24 bit capability has been an advantage using the Purcell upsampler, and if the music industry ever allows a 24/96 digital signal from DVD-A, I'll be able to take advantage of the better resolution format as I intended. Bottom line for me is that I like the upgrade and feel it was worth the money--the unit as it was is terrific, I think the upgrade builds on its virtues, improves its weaknesses and maintains the overall musicality that makes the unit so special. You should probably call Jerry Ozment about it, he's very honest and helpful on the phone and can tell you what he does and the advantages and disadvantages to the upgrade.