Upgrading audience power chord to version "e"

Anyone upgrade from existing audience powerchord to the new e versions.

The reviews are great and the power chords use them for all my audio components

What more do you hear with the e power cable version?
Good question. With a set of these in my system, time and again I've considered this. Either direct replacement, or factory 'treatment'.
I upgraded one of my Powerchords to E and find it is substantially more lively and focused. Makes the non-E sound vague by comparison. Amp is Cary SLI-80. Speakers Silverline 17.5.
I just had my Au24 Interconnects upgraded to E, and my impression of the upgrade mirrors what Artmaltman states on the Power Chord upgrade.
I was very skeptical of the upgrade but for $200.00, I figured it could not hurt in comparison with spending $$ on a new interconnect to improve my system.

I was surprised at the improvement - better focus, more lively and made the original Au24 seem veiled.