Upgrading Arcam CD73 to CD93?

HI. I have a 1-year old Arcam CD73 which I am really enjoying. I understand that this unit is upgradeable to the CD93 technology. Is the CD93 a significantly better unit than the 73, and what is the upgrade cost?
The upgrade cost is roughly the same as the difference in the retail price between the two players.
However, the dealer may give you a deal. Mine did when I went from the CD72 to the CD82.
Can't comment on the difference between the two players you refer to, haven't spent enough time with either one of them.
I'm sure the difference will be significant, you have to decide if it's worth the considerably higher price.
I started out a few months ago with a CD 82, which I thought was significantly better than the CD 73. I was thinking about upgrading to the CD 93, which my dealer said would cost around $600. (I ended up buying a used Linn Genki instead.) You probably would need to double that price to get to a to CD 93 from the CD 73.

I would encourage you not to do this, if you havn't already. If you like the Arcam sound, instead buy a used CD 93 here on audiogon (I've seen them go for less than $750 in the past). Or, for the price of the upgrade, you could actually buy a used FMJ CD23 (around $1200) and I am sure you could sell your CD 73 for $450 or better. Just a thought.
Hey, thanks for the advice! I was hoping the upgrade to the CD93 would be $400 or less. I will keep shopping around. What can I get in a used CDP for under $1000 that significantly bests the CD73? I can't say that I like or don't like the Arcam sound-the CD73 is really the first entry-level CDP I have had in my system. I have been told that more expensive CDP's are worth the $, and also that models that are higher in price than the CD73 are minimally better and the $ could be better spent elsewhere. What do you think?
Well, my experience is not unlimited by any means, but I would recommend you start by listening to an FMJ CD 33 at your local Arcam dealer. This is the best Arcam has to offer, but will give you a very close idea of what you would be getting with a used FMJ CD 23, though that would still be a little over your price-range even with patient shopping. Arcam does have a quite distinct sound - it is forward to be sure (as though you were sitting up close at a concert). For the money, I actually somewhat prefer the Linn Genki, but this has a much more laid back sound. To me, its sound is also smoother, more musical and particularly more analog in character, which is my preference, but not everyone’s. The good news about the Genki is that it usually goes for between $825 to $925 (don't let the current offerings on Audiogon fool you - these are over priced by historical standards). Others here will have equally good suggestions, and check out old threads.

But don't buy a Genki, or anything for that matter, unless you have heard it. Depending on where you live this can be tricky, but it is such an important point. Some people here and elsewhere make bold, sometimes trendy recommendations when in reality you may find what they like to be very disappointing. I for instance have been quite under-whelmed by several brands that others rave about, e.g. Mark Levinson (WAY over priced for what you get) and Wilson Watt Puppies speakers (brightness that hurts!). It is your money and they are your ears, never forget it.

One more thing. If possible, compare CD players in the same store using the same electronics and speakers. In fact, if it is a store other than your Arcam dealer’s, take in your CD 73 to compare with that shop's gear. Otherwise, it is really impossible to do an accurate comparison. Finally, when it comes time to buy used, do it safely. Buy from people well established on Audiogon or VERY well established in selling audio equipment on ebay. When in doubt, insist on using Escrow (escrow.com). My preference is buying from audio shops that list on these sites, though I certainly don't do this exclusively.

Hope this helps. Welcome to this wonderful world of good music reproduction. I hope it enriches your life as much as it has mine.
A couple of more points. If you like your CD 73, you should know that the CD 92 (until this year the most recent model in the CD 90 series) has the same DAC as the FMJ. The main differences (though hardly insignificant)are in the power supply and the case. The most economical way to improve your sound if you like your Arcam would probably be to look for a good used deal on a CD 92 (the CD 93 is probably too new and will be too expensive - I believe I might have failed to make this clear in an earlier post, but I don't think the sonic differences between them are great). After selling your CD 73, you might do this for less than the $400 you wanted to spend for the upgrade in the first place.

As to putting your money elsewhere, I am a huge believer in source first, but you also can't completely disregard system balance. You might want to put the money you save towards a good economical integrated. If you can afford it the Arcam DIVA A-85 is a great choice in the $800 - $900 price range on the used market. That would give you the basis of a very sound and highly enjoyable system. You may end up being so happy you’re not in a hurry to upgrade - a blissful state indeed for those of our ilk. But again, DON'T TRUST ME, trust your ears. Try to go and listen to this stuff if you can.
Thanks. I acutally used to have a DIVA A65+, but now am running a CODA Continuum Unison 3.1, which is an OUTSTANDING integrated for the money. It is very, very detailed, and rich sounding-no brightness or grain typically associated with SS. So, with my more resolving amplification, it may not be a bad idea to audition some more CDP's. Thanks!
You cnt go wrong with a cd92 from Arcam.Good price for used ,and the sound is awesome,they put to shame other cd players,all you have to do is listen to one and you will know.
If you want better than the 73 try a used cd92,outstanding,and a fairly decent price used.
Back to the Arcam cd 23,they are coming out of the woodwork,all these people selling cd 23s ,write and spill the beans ,on which direction they are going