Upgrading and using the VPI 16 record cleaner

I recently acquired a VPI model 16 record cleaner. i have a few questions.

1. I know that there is an upgrade kit that makes that 16 similar to the 16.5 model. What is the difference between the 2 models?

2. If I get the upgrade kit, am i able to use the model 16 dust cover or do I need to get a new dust cover?

3. How do I remove waste fluid from my machine? There is no siphon hose or drain.

4. I did not get a manual for the 16. Is the 16.5 manual, available on-line, adequate or are there some differences that I need to know about.

5. Do I need anything besides a record cleaning brush and cleaning fluid in addition to the machine?

6. Does the VPI cleaning fluid have a cleanser that will dissolve difficult to remove oily residues from the record (fingerprints, etc.)?

Hello Docdeano,

The best cleaning fluid that I have tried is made by Paul Frumpkin under the brand name "Audio Intelligent". It is a two step process that really does a great job removing oily residue and any other contaminants that your vinyl may have.

Do a search on the forum using Paul Frumpkin to get additional endorsements for his products.

I can provide his email address if you need it.

Happy Listening,

Paul's last name is spelled Frumkin. Agree with Scifi about how great it is. I've never owned a VPI RCM but in my experience there is nothing to drain from the process as it evaporates.
The model 16 has the vacuum asembly attached to the lid and this does not always allow for a thourough drying of the LP. The 16.5 requires you to increase the size of a hole on the deck and install a superior arm assembly. The old lid is discarded and a new lid is also supplied in the upgrade.

The model 16 has a series of cloth like baffles inside that absorb the moisture. Unfortunately they get moldy which can be a serious health hazard. With a little work though the unit can be clean and completely functional.

I did have a 16 which I upgraded online. I think I got the parts from Music Direct or Audio Advisor. It should not be hard to find.

I would suggest making the upgrade.

Paul Frumkin cleaner works very well! I have also been happy with the RRL fluids.
thanks for your responses. i have not checked in since i posted my questions due to work, etc., but i will take all of your advice. thanks again. very much appreciated.
i'm pretty new to the record cleaning thang, so please excuse my ignorance, but what are RRL fluids? is it an acronym? thanks.
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