Upgrading a SFCD-1 to a CARY

Thinking of getting a Cary 303/300.I'm now using a Sonic Frontiers cd-1.Is this a latteral move at best??
Not a chance. I've owned both and the 303 is IMHO in a different league. Due to the versatility of the DAC, however, you have to experiment a bit to figure out which configuration you prefer - and it may be that you end up switching depending on the recording, other components in the system, etc. That is not everyone's cup of tea. In all, however, I'd be very surprised if you didn't prefer the Cary.

good luck

What was the biggest thing you thought the Cary excelled in over the SFCD-1?
Hey Spaz, Just letting you know...I have a Cary CD 303/300 Black Face which was purchased new in early July of this year and it is by far the best digital source I have ever had under $5000. I am making the move to SACD however and the Cary is coming up for sale. Let me know if you are interested. 2 months new and looking for $2500-2700. 10/10 all around.

Outside of deep bass (a toss up), I prefer the Cary in just about every way. 2 Notes:

1) I don't want to overstate this - the differences between digital sources are certainly subtler than the differences between loudspeakers - but the Cary is rounder, fuller, and more musical to my ear. This is true with either tube or ss output selected.

2) The Cary sound changes with adjustment to the O/S and with choice of output stage. These changes are again subtle but audible. With my Verity P/E, I've used more o/s and the ss output. With the Merlins in the system, I tend to use the tube out with less (or no) o/s. The point here is that the specific character of the Cary changes with your choices and makes your question difficult to answer more specifically.

Also, for the last 6 months, I've had a QSonix server in my system -so I should qualify my statements, it's been a litle while since I've heard the Cary and considerably longer since I've had the SF in my chain. Nevertheless, I feel pretty confident in my characterization of these 2 very fine cd players.